Creeped out by coldness - Anyone else feels the same?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Pirx Danford, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. I could find only one troll in this thread and it certainly wasn't McC. :whistling: :wink:
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  2. Hey Pirx,

    Maybe this will help a bit to explain to the others what it was "sort of" like.
    This is post CE2, though close to the change over so community spirit was still somewhat intact.

    Not one but two examples of the same party ;)

    Calli's party with MS9/MidNite Moods.

    IIRC they tricked Calli to invite all her friends to her own party ... (Second video on-air with call ins to say HBD)
    without Calli realising the party was for her *grins*

    I got Calli her present for her birthday this year which is coming up this month.
    ArcheAge Founders Pack.

    So maybe next year it will look something like this :biggrin: Of course with many people doing the many different dance moves that are available in ArcheAge .... we will see :sneaky: *rubs hands*

    Or even like this :laugh:

    I can already imagine the after-party once we are all danced out and semi-drunk :jacklad1:
    Calli of course going full instrumental on us all and leading the attack :eek (2):

    I have this much planned so far: I will be arriving to the party in style ... Though not off the edge of a cliff, unless I can figure out a way to convert from board to glider mid-air free-falling. :smile:

    And we will leave the designing of the party area/scene up to MindStar9 when the time comes.
    We will just craft what is needed and buy from the cashshop what we can't craft to make it look awesome.
    Oh yes, the fancy out there looking costumes available too will be crafted/purchased for the party hehe.

    Little does MindStar9 know what lays ahead in 12 months time *grins* ... To MindStar: :nana:
    Never fear MS9, nor does Calli for that matter :sneaky:

    Pirx, Calli has moved on from the realm of Entropia mostly for the reasons you have outlined in your OP.
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  3. Charming ArchAge videos. Seriously, the koreans know what they are doing.
    (and I only tried KAL Online around 2005/2006)

    But too much "Alice in Wonderland". Too much korean-style influence.

    Still, I have to admit, it has a great look&feel anyway!
  4. Aye,

    Some parts are very much designed so you can get lost in the scene-scape that you or others design.
    Other parts are more like the everquest 2 style setting and some like guild wars 2 setting, it is hard to describe in a sense. Each of the many areas on each of the three continents so far have different themed scenescape settings which set the mood of the environment and what goes on there.

    Example of what I mean about GW2 (ingame vistas, like scrying stones), many different settings.

    WYSIWYG view, as you can see the vistas above are actually what it looks like "live" and not cut-scenes:

    Never the less, not bad for a 2010-ish game and production of artwork from the developers of GW2. It is very much a living painting and has an awesome living story that defines the lore of the game that goes with it that keeps you very much involved over time.

    ArcheAge on the other hand is very much one of those games where you find the type of area you want to settle in and build/craft (A process which is quite involved) one (or more) of the many styles and sizes of houses/estates to choose from (more being added regularly) on the land you have claimed/purchased/earned titles for etc (see below video). Also there is other stuff too like farming which is very in depth for provision of certain resources. Not only answering the "But what do they eat" realism questions yet are also necessary in giving particular recipe stat bonuses for battle etc.

    Here is an example of what I mean in "a few" of the things that can be done.

    All in all it is quite involved and there are many areas to go into for this "initial release" to Western & European societies from XL-games via Trion Worlds. I believe over time that the Western & European influence and impact on the future ongoing development through Trion Worlds back through to XL-games to develop will see both a blending and addition of a lot of new content and systems (mechanics) come about over time. Including less anime/comical asian style settings and more what the west & europe are used too, so yes I do agree with your POV that it is a bit like "Alice in Wonderland" at this point in time.

    That being the good thing about MMOs once they go towards being aimed at an international/global audience in that it is early days still; all western/european servers are still alpha servers (& beta ones on the specific beta weekends which are seperate, second client to access also)

    It will be interesting to see what occurs over the next 24 months never the less, normally it takes 6-12 months for attitudes and mindsets to blend and adapt, especially on the development side of life, both at Trion Worlds and at XL-games.

    Also a point to mention is that there are many small stories going on too, even though ArcheAge is primarily sandbox, especially when it comes to "going to factional wars" which occur based on player activity and resulting outcomes etc.

    Remember ArcheAge is "primarily" a fantasy setting too though brought a little closer to reality in the suspension of disbelief elements used. It is very much player-oriented and socially involved, right down to the justice system they have in place and the impact that has on you and your reputation in game as a member of the society and faction you choose to become a part of.

    Elder Scrolls Online has also come up with a variation of such a system as well to add a new demension to gameplay and involvement, also it allows for the incorporation of "The Dark Brotherhood" and "Thieves Guild" societies in T.E.S. game.

    So yeah, there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in terms of what developers are trying out to add diversity and expand into new dimensions of gameplay involvement to keep the player involved and feeling a part of the overall virtual world society-structure for that game :)

    Interesting times in the very near (next few months) future!

    It is also why I provided this little "example" to MindArk as "one possible way/variation" of how this concept could be introduced into Entropia Universe.

    Citizens (Land Deed Owners/CLD/AUD) vs Civilian (Other participants)

    And to explain the concept a little better without having to watch the entire movie "Star Troopers"
    (See above video first to understand this one properly)
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  5. The Top 10 things missing from Entropia and/or are incomplete.

    Since years.

    Also ArchAge might prove the CE² is now ready for a gigantic MMORPG. Im impressed.
    Impressed, because I was looking at Entropia (development) for more then 10 years now. *sigh*​
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  6. I am with you on this one McCormick and totally agree.

    What you mention here is part of the basis of this post I wrote on what keeps bouncing around in my mind as an itch that is so damn fucking hard "to let go of" because MindArk simply can not see and/or comprehend the REAL potential that has flown right on by them and is being used by other game development companies of which they are making more in terms of months than MindArk has made in a decade in revenue generated. *sigh*

    MindArk simply FEAR success or FEAR failure and/or have simply fallen into corporate GREED (Screwing as much money as possible out of others). That GREED in the end is their own undoing because in reality for those who are in touch with the REAL world around them (All walks of life), making money is a side-effect of producing something people want and enjoy, people literally throw money at you when you produce this for them in this day-and-age rather than making people feel they NEED to pay for it.

    MindArk may work this out one day and wake up, until then :doh: let the village idiots keep on performing.

    It is so annoying because you can play those games (eg. ArcheAge/Everquest2/GuildWars2/Neverwinter) for free if you choose to, the cost to play is not forced on the individual player, and the turnover those games are making as a natural outcome of this REAL free-2-play or choice to pay-2-win/pay-2-stand-out/etc is making them bucket-loads of money as a natural side-effect where investment in quality game "DESIGNERS" and "CODERS" "ETC" who are up to date with the latest (Or in further investment into their dedicated staff in training and days off to undertake the training) comes without needing to worry about the bottomline and putting on the thumb-screws to save a dollar.

    So much is lost with Entropia present day (and to be found again hopefully one day @ Original Concept) it is very sad.

    How can anyone knock the fact that producing more than a minimum of 10+ million USD a month as a side-effect to a community (customer base) who energizes you through their praise/etc is something to be sneezed at ...

    Stupid humanz in business with stupid ideals of I want to be there by GREEDILY screwing people over is who.
    And it is these people who ultimately in-the-end FAIL, both in business and in life and later question what if.
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  7. Thats why announcements like "omg 20.000$ loot on planet Arkadia omfg wow you must p(l)ay this game too to loot stuff !!!111" are used to grab publics attention now and then.

    Not many other announcements left.

    Marketing was never really used by MindArk, except for some banners spread across the net years ago.
    Or player initiatives, fake voting the game up on some MMO site...while Entropias reputation went down already.

    Might also explain why we dont have 1 million concureent users online at the same time. Not even 10.000.

    But back to ArchAge :
    While I dont really like this "hack&slay" top down view in games and I know you can zoom in very close, I liked the ships and how they fired cannons at each other. And the kraken. :p
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  8. Yep agree again.

    The attitude and techniques employed are very obvious in "most" things MindArk produce, the whole "mindset at MindArk" is wrong, "the space MindArk come from" is wrong, etc.

    Even in the little things that most without acute senses don't pickup the first time, or it takes a few seconds to register while the brain processes the math between what is visually displaced and what is meant in context with the real world from which they operate.

    eg. 1,000,000 PED of the 2,000,000 USD worth of deeds has been sold, YAY we at MindArk are over the moon.
    Indeed MindArk are over and "stuck" on the far side of the moon if they are happy with a 5% result so far.
    $100K USD out of 2,000K USD is a tiny outcome.

    The smoke/deception method only adds to how stupid MindArk looks; Especially for those who did not pick it up and then find out later they overlooked that point and now feel stupid themselves reflect this back onto how they think about MindArk now and in the future at whatever concious level (eg. Subconciously or otherwise). *sigh*

    MindArk's stupidity is their own worst enemy in employing such methods of deception.

    Putitng it into context with what you have said McC, it reminds me "conceptually" of what I posted here:
    In the loss of appeal and faith and confidence ... the list goes on ... of investors interest in investing further ...

    <quoted><snip> .... But constantly doing this like Entropia Universe does to its paying/investing participants in an attempt to get to the next stage is not the right approach either ;)

    The later being the shortsighted methodology that MindArk continues to employ for its paying/investing customers in terms of the economy aspect.

    ie. Lose a small 5-10% or under, its going to happen anyway, but to employ a 90-95% method of losing lemmings to get to the next stage in the game's development/evolution/progress/etc is unnecessary .....<snip><end quote>

    Once you read the thread where it comes from you understand:
    Lemming = An Entropian participant with investment potential.
    Funny yes, however it is the reality of the situation.

    MINDARK has a DREAM BUT LIVE A LIE it is that simple.
    It is TIME TO GET REAL before MINDARK (and the partners they impact) can START LIVING THE DREAM.
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  9. I can not make this any clearer having spelt it out now what I have been trying to achieve over the last .. too long to even mention (YEARS) ....... For those who do not understand the BUT then read on here

    Other than working on putting the correct foot first, first.
    In "being REAL".
    Overcoming the FEAR of success or failure needs to be achieved.
    That was the intention of this video in the linked thread.

    While keeping in mind ...

    For myself, other things in life have a higher priority now than what is turning out to be a case of "flogging a dead horse". I will keep watching and listening along with others and assess if Klas Moreau improves the situation before contributing further energy towards MindArk/Entropia.
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  10. At least some are starting to "think" about various things and ways of integrating them into the framework of what Entropia has present day, content wise to bring about involvement ..... and whatever the final outcome that is produced as a result of this involvement has in achieving .... a sense of belonging to.

    Thumb up :thumbup: Hardwrath, at least your putting in an effort and mean-well in what you do most of the time.
    Credit where credit is due, maybe Hardwrath will inspire others to start thinking for themselves and eventually people will start to think and contribute in more creative and innovative ways. :wink:

    Wishlist suggestion >

    Keeping in mind, the shoulders of the giants of which you stand upon.
    In more recent times >

    Never the less, one good starting point in relation to that part of the many parts in the overall picture that needs to be addressed. Hopefully in time MindArk starts realising how valuable the most valuable resource MindArk has is in context to what I wrote above:

    The Entropia Universe community/customer base:
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  11. I think Hardwrath's idea is awesome. Of course go spend an hour in EU's version of space and it doesn't take long to realize you'd be better off dreaming of winning the lottery. ;)
    Why anyone besides a pirate would give a rats ass about MA's current version of "space" is beyond me. It's another great idea, poorly implemented. MA's space is clunky, buggy, laggy, and quite franly just downright shitty. But hey, like everything else they do give em 10 years and it might just be playable! :P
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  12. Aye Steve,

    I am more looking at the "starting to think" part than what is actually produced as a result of this "starting to think" action.

    Yes, there are many systems (Mechanics) and associated content that need to be addressed for the idea to work. And this is again "only one small part" of a "much larger picture" that needs to be addressed at the top level in "being real" being the first step and the approach (foot) used to take this first step.

    Without being REAL, everything that follows including MindArk's ability to access their resources and the tools provided by these resources is a fail before start and wasted energy in effort (For most) in the outcomes that are produced;

    Like you said in your post, as to "what has come to pass" in the outcomes produced that we have present day.

    I will put a funny edge on it to demonstrate what I have posted in this reply above, used to condition people in society from their youth onwards, also relating to "the giants shoulders from which you stand upon".

    It comes from here >

    Though I did not expect people to understand right off the bat why I included this in my post, more to watch it and allow their subconcious to do the work in the background ... Watch each in order to understand properly. It is provided in the form of entertainment through the media medium that was available to the masses of that period in time.

    The evolution of mankind, monkey and all the magic (ability & potental) he/she has to evolve.

    Which may bring to light what I posted here >
    (which most consider ramblings, which is cool, I am in no way offended)

    I have been doing this for years with my involvement with MindArk/Entropia/etc, though more spelling it now due to my RL circumstances and very slow progress that has occured over itme in respect to the MA/Entropia/etc sphere.

    Now you may further understand what I wrote to Klas in his CEO thread as a request and ultimate wrapped in both the ComPet Deeds Update-1 thread and now here in this thread.

    At the end of the day, this is not about myself what-so-ever;
    It is about MA/Entropia and the partners & consumers/investors involved with MindArk/Entropia.

    As far as I am concerned, I am "being" the person I am including the strengths and weakness I have attached. I have no expectations in the outcomes produced however do know where to draw the line as to the limits I have in personal energy and time invested. Once you get to know me on a personal level (Which I rarely allow people to do, even in RL) you would understand. I am not perfect, in fact I am far from it (Very FAR from it).

    If people need to pigeon-hole and define me somehow, they could say:
    Another wanderer who is passing by with common interests, stopping to share experiences, thoughts and POVs with others and then moving on at some point in time to continue on wandering.

    On a very much lighter note, something different

    With respect, rest in peace Robin Williams and thankyou for your many many contributions.

    Amongst the many other contributions prior and post.
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  13. We never traveled to Akbal Cimi.

    We dont have taming.

    But we have mob-transform-capsules now. Whoever wished for that, just because Jans son moved around as a "creature" and everybody went woohoooo.

    It says you are anonymous as creature and that turrets cant kill you.
    Players should easily recognize a player controlled mob by its movement at least and if killed in a town, just have a look at the revival terminal after killing it.

    Will there be loot ? Can player controlled creatures be tamed ? Sweated ?
    Will other mobs attack you when in creature-mode ? Can you heal yourself in creature-mode ? Can others heal you ? Time limit set ?

    Why not introduce long planned fishing instead ? A (simple) fishing-system that will be different then anything else before, as Jan claims. A fishing-system can be fun, might bring in loot to trade etc.
    Fishing Rods can be looted since 2008 from combibos and in 2012 Jan said the system is ready, while he said in 2013 "Its only existing on paper".

    Instead MindArk introduces yet another new "profession" to us. (time killer)
    Out of nowhere. The system was "just" ready.

    Run around as a mob.

    Hey, if you think thats super cool, go for it, run around as a mob. But I wont go all woohoo when you (anonymously) pass/kill me.
  14. Hey McC,
    About the running around as a mob, been there done that, undeniably LOTS of FUN.

    Cost of this fun = Based on the many activities available in "Orion - Dino Horde" divided in a once off payment of $15 USD. The cost comes down to the "couple of US cents" range for unlimited time of having this fun.

    MinDark as usual being very late to the party.
    MindArk's cat may have been at the party as well. :umn:

    One of 10 playable dinosaurs with more to come soon:

    You probably know Dino Horde in its original form as Dino Beat-Down in the video below

    Before it evolved to what it is today and still improving (See link)

    Never the less, back to Entropia.

    Tieing it in with the existing scanning profession, IIRC I wasted somewhere in the vacinity of $2k to $3k USD on that profession alone (skilling naturally) before chucking it in back in 2007; I found it to be useless in the end, even though I had it planned for use later in LandArea acquisition (undisclosed project) and the most expensive to raise vs everything else, including crafting due to it being pure decay and "no loot returned" from the professions - Human/Robot/Mutant scanning.

    I did offer a great way to change that to Marco in PM on EF as Sparkz. Though it went nowhere like everything I guess, in one ear out the other. Some of which you brought to light recently in what you could do back before my time, which was of a similar concept though less involved.
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  15. While I appreciate all this concern about large scale problems for me it ultimately is the missing love for details, the tiny things that did show how close to the heart the game was to the creators.
    This lack is visible throughout the whole of EU now and is driving me away.
    I patiently waited for 5 years, slowly becoming ever more inactive.

    Selling out my stuff takes me a lot of time, so I hope very much that in the next 5 years the situation improves. Every few months I'll try if mining is maybe good fun again as that was my major passion when I started.

    Besides the inventory calculator I have some more ties to EU and I do what I can to try and change the situation, but I tried in the past and the success was limited.
    I am in a situation in which I cannot lose - The game that I once loved and was passionate about is barely visible anymore. So if anything of what I try to influence is making any impact I only can win.

    There is no ultimatum here and no pressure. I rarely log in anyway, every now and then I even get the inactivity email. I am not screaming "do change that or I quit" as basically I did that 2-3 years back already.
    I am saying "please consider changing because I do have ties to the game and I would love playing if it would be an enjoyable experience" - I am just offering my opinion on what I feel is lacking, not with the expectation of being heard but with the hope of being heard.

    I dislike the idea of picturing MA as evil greedy company, they do offer a service and what we make of it is to a huge extent our responsibility.
    Much like a casino in which some people lose millions and expect to do just that and even enjoy it.
    Myself I only deposited very small amounts in comparison and also played so carefully that I will even leave the game with profit if I ever withdraw my money.
    Also knowing of how tough the gaming economy is I consider all PEDs I have as gambling money, which I might never be able to withdraw as any given moment MA could completely tank.
    I actually was surprised MA and EU survived the SEE desaster.

    But they did and apparently they try to continue, so whatever venues I have I am using to give them input on what I feel could draw me back into the game.
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  16. About all one can continue to do, so :thumbup: on that point, while your willing to and still hold hope. :wink:

    MinDark, MAy MAke it one day, then again who knows, they MAy not wake up at all. /shrugs
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  17. Back to the Summer Holidays MinDark & Co. is on;

    Let us not carry on too much with REAL-ity and ruin the funding of Jan & Co's holiday over in Sweden including those younger who follow in his footsteps by shattering the fantasy world they live in.
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  18. Back to the regular "on topic discussion", enjoy!

  19. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Simple answer: They left. Like I did.

    P.S. After download the last patch today I get an error message every time I want to start the client loader. Maybe this is the final cut to EU. Too sad, I was on my way to Rocktropia after a long tour around the universe. Well, who cares? Me and Kristin got our withdrawal of 75k PED. Kristin is a damn noop in OJs and I am a lost loner with an empty FL. Even my luxury penthouse at Monria went back to Akoz' consortium and is for sale at the shopkeeper.

    P.P.S. It was a nice eight year experiance, no doubt!
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