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  1. Okay, so I'm probably just completely missing something here but I've been trying to find more information about creating events with an event organizer.

    What I really want to know is when people buy tickets, where does that money go? Does it go to the guy who created the event or does it go into a loot pot for the winners of the event?

    I just want more info on what it all looks like from the creator's standpoint and the only info I've been able to find online seems to be more directed toward the participant's standpoint.
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    Hey, Im not the most qualified to answer but here is how it works as I understand it.

    When you create an event you can select how many tickets will be avaliable, and you can select how many of them you wish to physicaly extract from the coordinator and how many you wish to stay with the coordinator to be sold on the spot.

    The tickets you physicaly extract have a tt value of 1ped each and cost you 1ped each to get. You can then sell them for whatever markup you have decided the event is worth. When the participant registers at the coordinator with a ticket, they will get the tt value back. So if the buy a ticket from you for 10ped, they will only really be spending 9ped for the event.

    Then you can set the price for the remaning tickets held by the coordinator who will sell them to anyone regestering without a ticket. I think you get all of the value for those put on your(the guy who created the event) ped card emediatly.

    Ive only run one or two events and none recently, but I think that is how it works.

  3. I wrote an Event System Guide which is posted on Planet Calypso Forum. I did link it here but since the switch-over from EF to FPC the link is broken. If you search "Event System Guide" on PCF you should find it.

    It's a bit out of date now because more options were added in the last VU, and event creation costs were changed, but you will find the basic info there. When I've updated it I'll post the full guide here too.

    In response to your specific question, money from registrations goes to the event creator as Narfi said.
  4. Alright - thanks guys!
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