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  1. Warning !
    Don’t expect something here you don’t know or is maybe not published on other places :)
    You may find here words which you will not find in any dictionary, they are created this moment in the name of science or just typos.
    Some parts may sound like complains about something. You can be sure it’s not intended this way.

    The idea :
    One day I thought about crafting results, skills and the mechanics of EU.
    I would generate some statistics about it, to see how things come out at crafting.
    Also I wondered about my crafting results , remember back more than two years but couldn’t prove anything, thought it was never lower than now with advanced skills. One day an uber crafter told me that the losses will rise with higher skills what I didn’t believe, but why should he tell me so ?

    To run such a test it would be necessary to chip out all my crafting skills or find someone who never crafted before.
    I decided to ask my son (KingOne) who showed me PE/EU and has a some weeks older avatar (he played PE/EU some weeks and is on only some minutes a month now, I will not write the reasons why here) than me , if he like to click for some hours. He was not very enthusiastic but does this stupid clicking for me. So we started clicking and writing, always watching what happens in the lootwindow, if there are some markant results.
    So I noticed some more or less interesting things which are different between two avatars with different skills.

    The research:
    Due to limited peds and because clicking needs a big amount of time ( in a optimal environment you need at least 14 hours of permanent clicking) I decided to do only 10k clicks on Standard Dampers per avatar.
    The Dampers are made with my BP which has a 100 QR. Results are written down every 100 clicks (here is one inaccurate thing, the clicks are always made until 100 pieces of one resource (here lyst) is used up, because the old transfer method to move unused resources from near success clicks won’t work reliable) and there are no other activities (except chatting, moving etc.) during the 10k clicks allowed.
    The markups of materials are written down at the moment they are bought ( usually before a 1k click batch ),the skill markups are written only at the end of the 10k batch. Material markup is used from the internal statistics ( day value ) not from the markup the material was bought, skill calculations are made with <insert link="" here=""> carebears Entropia tools website.
    There was no change of place or logout during 1k clicks (not easy at Akmuul sometimes).

    Start terms:
    Skills :
    Low skilled crafter (LSC) starts with BPC=NO , MME=1 , MECH=1 , ENG=1
    Higher skilled crafter (HSC) starts with BPC=663 , MME=1630 , MECH=931 , ENG=2043
    Material :
    Low skilled crafter starts with 2k Lyst , 4k Oil , after the first 2k clicks the dampers got TT´d and new resources where buyed.
    The residue is collected as long as possible and then sold to buy new resources.
    Higher skilled crafter starts the same way. The behaviour regarding the items and residue is near the same.

    This section described some things to explain the graphics a bit better and allow some orientations there I hope :)
    Dropped BP´s are not counted ! There are allot of low lvl BP´s given , nearly the same amount for both crafters.
    The first graphic shows the graph of items returned, Enmatter residue returned, Metal residue returned and the Partial result in % for 100 clicks.
    The numbers above shows the calculated averages for items, Enmatter residue, Metal residue per click.
    More or less surprising for me is that the graphs for looking similar for the low and higher skilled crafter.
    The items returned graph is running straight with a specific bandwidth, also the number of items produced is near the same for both.
    In average 2,94 items/click for the LSC and 2,86 items/click for the HSC.
    The average returned residues differs a bit more :
    1,14 Energy matter res. 0,64 Metal residue/click for the LSC ;
    0,75 Energy matter res. 0,76 Metal residue/click for the HSC.
    The Enmatter res. graph looks like it produces regular results with some peaks in it.
    The Metal res. graph looks like producing regular results with a switch for on/off.

    LSC : -121,20 PED tt calculated , -176,14 PED incl.markup , skills worth 133,32 PED market value
    HSC : -158,66 PED tt calculated , -218,06 PED incl.markup , skills worth 142,16 PED market value

    Skillgains are the same regardless where you starting from (at least at the given lvl).
    Skills gained (calculated in tt of a skillchip after extraction for better comparisation)>>>
    for the LSC : BPC= 0 = 0 tt , MME= 293 = 0,46 tt , MECH= 148 = 0,20 tt , ENG= 287 = 0,44 tt in sum = 1,10 tt with a total market value of 133,32 PED
    for the HSC : BPC= 39 = 0,14 tt , MME= 53 = 0,41 tt , MECH= 25 = 0,15 tt , ENG= 23 = 0,35 tt in sum = 1,05 tt with a total market value of 142,16 PED
    This looks pretty the same ! The difference is maybe explained because I only could count whole numbers to calculate the skills not parts of skills which are more worth in higher skill regions.
    The skills gained seems to be splitted if you have unlocked a hidden skill like BPC so the total skillgain is near exact the same for both, the only difference results in different market values.

    LSC result graphics:



    HSC result graphics:



    Conclusions :
    This are only conclusions which I personally get out of this research, it’s possible that other ppl come to very opposite results or they maybe are totally wrong due to my limited sight.
    Items produced are the same for a low skilled crafter and a higher skilled one as long as the BP QR is the same.
    The total result wents lower if you are acting on the wrong lvl. (only an assumption, not validated)
    The only need of skills in crafting is to be able to use a bigger slot machine where you can insert the bigger coins. (looks the same in all professions)
    All in all it seems to me that skills in crafting are totally useless when you don’t want to craft bigger things, otherwise you will lose more by staying on low level stuff.

    Some things I noticed by viewing the crafting process:

    First to say that this is only what I have seen during this research, has no claim to be valid for all time nor for all avatars.
    The cos bar is in exact the same position for the unskilled crafter as it is for the more skilled one for the 100QR standard damper BP.
    The amount of successful attempts is higher for a low skilled crafter. This is compensated by the amount of pieces returned for a more skilled crafter.
    The normal number of crafted pieces for a low skilled crafter seems to be 5 to 6 , for a higher skilled this is 5 to 10.
    There are more successful attempts with items in the range >=10 with more skills (seems to be the logic here because the average items per click is with some error the same for both)
    If there are attempts with a return > 20 items then the low skilled crafter gets usually residue > 100 back.
    When the higher skilled crafter produces items > 20 ( up to 30 ) there is very often NO or < 10 residue given back. This is one result what surprised me a bit, first time I thought I didn’t see it right.
    These numbers are not proven, it’s only the impression by watching 20k clicks and their results.
    There are series of 20 and more unsuccessful attempts ( fail and near success ) for a more skilled crafter which I don’t have seen for the low skilled one.
    This would explain why I made the experience to get only 1 successful attempt by crafting a (L) item in 20 attempts using a BP with a higher cos than the 100QR damper BP shows ( the cos bar is a bit longer ).

    What to do next :

    Running a research the same way , starting with a lvl 1 BP.
    Running a research the same way with a higher lvl BP (maybe lvl 4 or 5).
    Running a research the same way , only starting with a QR 0 BP.
    Running a research the same way with a BP which produces (L) items, maybe mining amps.

    Last words :
    Any suggestions, critic or other opinions are welcome.
    If someone is interested in the whole data or the excel sheet for calculating, pm me, i will decide then to send or not it to you.
    Some results here are very surprising for me, some others I had a feeling of (more knowed deep in me but not take it true).
    It was fun to run such a research for me , not for my mouse and fingers.
    I praise lootius to support me well to run the outstanding researches some time :)
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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Fantastic effort Stratos, and very interesting research and results. :ok:
  4. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Great job Stratos. Very impressive piece of work.
  5. Bullet

    Bullet Guest

    The research is indeed interesting and sounds reasonable. I have made some observations myself which are quite similar to yours. What is missing is the (L) limited attempts Blueprint and UL Blueprints for limited items.

    This is where I get confused a lot when doing a run. And btw if you need a high QR OA-101 BP or high QR Killian Longsword, let me know.
  6. Seems the pics in the original threat got lost.
    In a first step i add them here as attachment.

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  7. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Very interesting results. Good work Stratos. :ok:
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