Crafting Miranda Violet

Discussion in 'Next Island bugs & issues' started by cent, May 11, 2012.

  1. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    So I crafted a bunch of Miranda Violet and found two things that I have questions about that could be bugs:

    1) Even though the icon for the BP is a Tailoring BP, the BP drops while crafting are Texture BP's and also I get Texture crafting skills

    2) I can only stack up to 100 cans of Miranda Violet

    Are these bugs or is this intended?

    Thanks for any feedback!
  2. it seems to count as a texture for sure

    I wish it did bigger stacks too like normal paint 10k need 323 per field at max success rate to 100% saturation
  3. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    Agree Kitten, I would like bigger stacks too.

    One thing I forgot, I looted a Kylon Blue BP while crafting a Tailoring BP (Lesser Elysia) so I did assume paint crafting would result in Tailoring BP's. Was quite surprised when texture BP's dropped.

    This is not necessarily a criticism, just feedback on something that seems kinda weird. If Texture BP drops are intended, it would sure be nice if the Kylon Blue ones dropped from crafting Miranda Violet (maybe they do, but I've never gotten one from crafting textures or Miranda Violet). That Kylon Blue seems like a nice color too and I'd hope that those BP's would be much more common so we can craft huge stacks of that paint to go along with the Miranda Violet (which should become much more common thanks to the great decision to make that a daily mission!)
  4. I noticed it only goes into stacks of up to 100 too.
    Incidentally, TT crystals only go into stacks of up to 1k, so there does seem to be a recurring problem with stack l
    imits on Island materials.

    Do NI development team realise that it needs 323 paints to colour a field to max saturation?

    I ask, not only because of the ridiculously low stack limit, but the fact that it's a limited BP that only yields an average of one can per click iirc. So you need 7 BPs (of average size) just to get enough paint for one field. Maybe 20 BPs per item to be customised.

    This is just ridiculous. It doesn't matter how much the danburite drops increase, the paint will still be highly expensive and time-consuming to produce in usable quantities. This was not the developer's intention, as I understand it.

    Can you PLEASE make the BP unlimited? That's the only way out.

    jay :)
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  5. YES !!! I second this proposal ! ... very very good innitiative to have custom colors available on NI only - as I said before the NI devs do have very nice innitiatives - but they still lack proper understanding of the game mechanics ... very very bad thing with the L BPs only and the 100 stacks :(

    Keep the repeatable mission giving L BPs, that's ok ... but do add UL BPs (maybe set to "rare" or similar) and please,please,please get rid of the 100 stack limitation ... my NI storage on empty (that is only holding NI specific items) is close to limit - enough the crystal crazyness, we don't need endlees stacks of paints and time crystals as well :rolleyes:
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