Could we be a planet partner?

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  1. I have been playing with game engine's for a while , i class my self as a novice still trying to get to work things out :lam: they dont make them easy like drag and drop :).
    Skills, can skills in philosophy or great thinking count.

    Depending on the theme of the pp it could require other skills other than what becoming a pp is all about (depends on the theme and nature of a planet or if not a planet maybe something new)
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    I will set the forum up for you asap. I'm currently in the middle of something, though, so it might have to wait a wee bit.
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    More important than graphics, more important than theme, you should do something that I don't believe any of the new planets have done yet.
    Hire an economist who is not just an expert in economics, but has a specialized background in the relationships between the real world economies, virtual economies, and how they affect each other.

    You can create an amazing looking planet (there are a couple of those already) but without a working economy, they are nothing.

    I have no skills in programming, I am not an artist and I have no musical abilities either. I would like to be involved if you think that I could be useful as someone who observes and can give feedback on ideas.

    I would be willing to help out in that capacity, (or whatever you thought I would be useful for) until it reached a point where my personal avatar would have to be sacrificed. Until that time, I can not commit anymore on if I would be willing to continue.

  4. Problem is with the current financial troubles it does not look like economists really know what they are doing.

    Having to give up your avatar is a huge sacrifice though, and the connection you develop with people is priceless. :S
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    Just to clarify, I am not an economist or claim to have any true understanding of it, just that I know its needed.

    My offer was just to be a level head observing and commenting on different aspects of the development.

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    The new private forum has now been created, with nexus as the group owner.

    Those interested can apply by means of their account menu drop-down, selecting "Join Usergroups", and asking to be included in the "Project Planet Partner group". As soon as nexus approves, you're in ;)
  7. Anyone with knowledge of game engines and other 'game content creators/editors' is a major plus, so this is good to know. On the novice part, it's worth mentioning at this stage that many household-name 'high-tech' ventures were started by people who were by no means technical experts or 'boffins', but who knew something about the business/venture they were in, and who had a passion for what they were doing, and who were able to rely on other people in 'their team' who did have specific technical expertise.

    One of the P.Partnerships has shown this already; was started by someone who was also not a technical expert or boffin, but who, again, had a real passion for it. It was other people that had technical know-how who were relied upon...
  8. Yes, I agree - it would be a very good idea to have an economist as part of a PP team, especially in these tough economic times.

    Giving an observational and feedback role would be invaluable, so that we know whether we're going down the right track or not.
  9. Hey, thanks! Really looking forward to how this develops... Just applied to join the group :)
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    You should already be part of the group ;) After all, you're the moderator.
  11. Ah, OK. I thought that I would still have to apply to actually join it. Thanks for clearing that up.
    Three others from the initial discussion thread have applied to join, so I checked the check-boxes next to each member name, but received the message saying that the server was taking too long to respond...
    Sub forums for the various societies within Entropia Universe. If you want your soc to have a private forum, PM admin
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    Nevertheless it seems to work, at least I can see the private forum.
  13. Hmmm. Just tried to post the 'welcome everyone thread' but got an error message. Also, I don't think it's actually private atm.
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    Try again? I might have rushed things a bit this morning due to other obligations. I ended up forgetting to add a few permissions :doh:

    If not, PM me, and we'll figure it out.
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    I have no idea yet how this is supposed to work.

    Whenever I hear that you need to proof to MA that you have the funding to develop the planet for X years as well as proof that you bring your own players the alarm bells are ringing.

    The big picture of the whole process must look like:

    A. MindArk provides you with a complete documentation of the engine/world building thingie and detailed plans of what is will be changed/added in future. Furthermore MA provides you with all the figures they have and a default PP agreement.

    B. You create a really elaborated concept, at least a preliminary design document, a business plan, etc. To do this like professionals you actually need to list every penny you plan to spend and what how you'll regain this penny again.

    C. Then you approach investors and if you can convince them that given a reasonable risk you'd be able to regain not only all the pennies but also earn a lot more in a resonable timeframe they might agree to invest in the project.

    D. You approach MA with the concept and the proof of funding and if you can convince them they accept you as a PP.

    In detail of course this is not completely linear from A. to D. but with small iterations and potentially negotiations between MA and you regarding features you wish to be added.

    But at any rate A. must be first. Then B. Otherwise it's a pig in a poke and any investor should kick your ass as hard as possible.
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    Tass, i think A and B there are the wrong way round. At least, you need to have an outline concept and business plan to start getting feedback from MA (beyond what they would offer any email and have done so before). From involvement in the still born project Spawn refers to above, MA did respond helpfully as i recall, just the answers weren't what everyone wanted to hear.

    the key issues are core concept, business plan, then everything else.
  17. Tass

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    Yep, that's kind of what I meant with "The big picture of the whole process" and "In detail ... not completely linear ... but with small iterations".

    But a business plan deserving its name would need A.
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  18. Hi,

    That's the point. How to be able to create a proper business plan without detailed knowledge of what's possible and what not?

    This are the very basics you need to know before even starting to develop an idea. There's no means at all setting up a team, doing any work, before you have a sufficient knowledge of what is possible to do at all.

    Any business plan, any work, and any effort is futile without this. Any any potential investor will kick your cute behind if you approach him without detailed knowledge about the possibilities you have, at least a default PP agreement, and detailed, verifiable business numbers.

    From my experience a good approach would be:

    Step 1: Have hard, reliable facts, a lot, for your potential investors. Be prepared they'll be verified, don't cheat here. These facts will be used to judge your business skills, and your reliability, mainly.

    Step 1a: A rough idea of what to do is helpful, but secondary. At first you'll have to prove that there is a market, a demand, and that you have the skills to do the job.

    Step 2: When you have "survived" step 1, it's time to develop a business plan. Usually a "unique point of selling" is asked for here. Why would people chose to use your service, and not that of the competitors? (You should have provided a detailed list of competitors in Step 1, listing all strengths and weaknesses). Better have a good answer to this question, and numbers to prove it.

    Step 3: Should you make it to here, you can start to develop an in-depth idea of your planet. Now you have the financial backup, and this is a prove to MA too that you're serious. It's time to persuade MA now with your fancy new idea.

    And only after all this hurdles are taken it makes sense to set up developing teams. Not before you have contracted investors, and not before you have the OK from MA.

    Don't rack your brain of what to do with the bears hide before you've killed it ...

    Just my 2 animal oil residue. And best wishes to this project!

    PS & Edit: Where I'd still think it would make more sense to develop a fresh Indie game, using one of the many Open Source or quite inexpensive game engines. In EU you'd never overcome MA's rules, not much possibilities but to create just another clone planet, with different textures.
    In an own game you'd be able to do much more, and I'd bet the costs wouldn't be this much higher. But the results would be, possibly.
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  19. The considerations being raised here, are what any 'team' thinking of being a PP/developing a planet would have to bare in mind. It was never going to be easy...

    First we need to develop a basic outline concept (as mentioned) of the planet idea; overall theme, unique aspects (as allowed within the EU model or framework), creatures, items, content, etc. For this we do not need to begin with, fully fledged technically perfect 3D designs - just outline 1D & 2d designs together with descriptions would be enough for this purpose.

    Then, when that is done, we would need to ascertain where we get our customer-base from, and how we promote the outline concept to do this.
    When we have ascertained the potential customer-base, then we can devise or produce the basic business plan with which to talk to potential investors, and with which to approach MA so that they can tell us whether at least in principle they agree with the concept.

    If MA agrees in principle, and potential investors say 'we like it', then a revised or final business plan needs to be drawn up and presented to MA.

    Throughout this process; certainly when MA is initially approached with the basic business plan, there will be NDA's or confidentiality agreements to be met and of course project-management and administration tasks.
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