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Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by exovirus, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. exovirus

    exovirus The Newb Killer

    Hello Entropia Planets Forum Community,

    I found this place through entropia's website though I have been a member of EU and entropiaforum.com for quite some time.

    What is the difference here? this one seems newer.


  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Hey Virus
    Welcome to EntropiaPlanets.

    Through the years there has been made various forums for entropians, I can mention EntropiaReality, EntropiaPioneers, EU Chronicle and other forums like the Neverdie forum etc.

    Unfortunately a couple of those closed down - but new arised.

    Peter and I have been members of the community and EntropiaForum for around 5 years. I enjoyed being a part of EF for a lot of years but we both had a feeling that something was missing.

    First of all what striked us is, that we are all gamers. We play Entropia, which is a game, and a lot of people are also playing other games. To us it is only natural that you are allowed to mention other games in our forum, which is one of the things which is making us different. We even have some game reviews as we also made game icons in the EPD shops etc.

    Another thing is, that EP tries to focus on the members and not the game itself. As we say a forum for gamers BY gamers, which is why we involve people, members who are interested, to work and contribute if they have something to contribute with. We also make sub forums for those who ask or wish for it. We made special sections for the planets etc.

    Because we wish to make the forum as personal as possible, both me and Peter are very active here. There's no 'hidden' agendas - what you see is what you get. This is also why we make a lot of interviews - both with planetpartners and with members of the community.

    We wish to gather information from all EU related sites and have no problems with people promoting their business, forums, tools etc. - and we actually urge people to do so by using the Yellow Pages. To us it only makes the community stronger if we are working together and not against each other. I said it a lot of times, but personally I'm a member of a lot of different sites, tools, forums. All of them are different in a way. Since the community is so large there should be room for more than one version of a specifik tool or site, and it's then up to the individual player to choose what suits him/her best. Natural competition is only healthy and will only be 'sick' if we restrickt a free market.

    We have some integrated tools on EP and that will expand more in future. For example the new tracker - but also an auction module and an integrated wiki. It is up to the community to fill those in if they wish to - but the main idea is, that you only need one password to get access to a lot of nice tools. You might find that it contradict the above - but even if we have a tool on EP we do not tell people they can't promote their own. We have people from the community asking us if they are able to do this or can make that - and it is very rarely we say no. The forum is for everybody, if you have an idea for it - or you wish to contribute with something special - just pm us.

    EP has less rules and are more open towards a free talk. It is our belief that freedom of speach is something we should value the meaning of, but it should be with the respect of others in mind and we do not tollerate harashment of other people, name calling etc.
  3. ...another subtle difference that I appreciate is that the owners of this site have not made huge capital investments in Entropia. Because of that, I feel that they approach this forum, and the game, as a game & not an investment to protect at all costs.

    To me, that means lots!
  4. exovirus

    exovirus The Newb Killer

    Ah holy crap it is Lykke! Did you guys leave your afterworld forum? I left Afterworld due to their new skill buying/selling. Sorry BTW it is Failed Inventor, thanks again for the beer mug on your other forum.

    Yeah I have been in entropia a lot longer than my short run with aw. Suprised you have a forum here to must be hard to keep up with.


  5. exovirus

    exovirus The Newb Killer

    Btw hope you have been well I haven't see you since the decode on the ship imperial navy hijacking..
  6. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    lol you sound as if it's a bad thing? :D But yes, Peter (Viagrafalls) and I are running both forums. And yes, it takes time. So much that I hardly have time to play anymore - but oh well ;) You make choises, right?
  7. exovirus

    exovirus The Newb Killer

    Well if you mean by bad thing... when I can buy and sell skills, I left cause I allready have a character I have built up with 60+ agility and some decent stats.. where I was a newbie in afterworld. It was just not working out and that was the final straw for me.

    But glad to see you guys here.. hopefully you aren't still angry about the AWDF thing the irkens did... remember I didn't buy anything from the item shop with the glitched awdf.. and on top of that.. I can't control who sends what

    XD btw can i get a beer with this forum to? lol
  8. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Nah ;) don't want you to get addicted
  9. exovirus

    exovirus The Newb Killer

    doh! rejected.. I have the black mark... x.x

  10. LOL Oh, I've been around. :)

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