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Compet - The forgotten screenshot...

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Hellol,

    please read the following carefully and do not panic !
    This is neither the end of the world nor a gigantic leak. :p

    I just wanted to inform you, that I had to contact a well known player of Compet, because I found his personal ingame data (User id, pet levels, amount of PEDs, diamonds etc.) as well as his reallife data (birthday, postal code+town, phone number etc.). on a non secured section of the compet site.

    It is a screenshot only and there is no data of any other users !!!

    It was easy to find this guy on facebook, steam etc. and look at some photos etc. just to send him an email about this matter. I think he should know about it. :p

    What I can say is, he "is Admin" in compet, a game designer himself and "very positive" about Compet in the Android comments. :p

    payment blackout.

    Additionally I discovered the following stuff : an admin-section for production and development (password protected), different development sections (non password protected and not updated since feb. 2017, lal), strange user names for the dev section, login credentials, certificate testing, ip checks blah and old concept paintings, old leaderboards blah. As I said,
    not the end of the world. Just MindArk. ;D

    You can also log into some of the development sites, to enter your reallife info for example.
    But the entered data will only be available on the desired development site, not on the official site that you login.

    I screenshotted everything, just in case.

    I also informed MindArk about it. I wont say how I found out about it, but no witchcraft was involved.

    Will post here again if MA answers.
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    My advice would be talk to one of the MA helpers in game - best way to get security problems actually looked at.
  3. I dont have time to search for avatars :p , hence I mailed the "problem(s)" to compet support and info@mindark.
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  4. No reply until today, neither by the affected user, nor by MindArk. -_-

    But all the dev sites got taken down. Everything is no longer accesable.

    np, yw
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