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ComPet Income

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. I share fb’s suspicions regarding the likelihood of ‘friends & families’ and ‘ubers on the payroll’ playing EU and desperately trying to defend MindArk and their products.

    Regarding a new money-grab project I honestly can’t see how they could get away with it again and I think they know this.
  2. Sorry but you have it backwards. We had one guy who was stating that it was very much alive as we all knew it was very much dead long long ago. Please don't try and change history here. :)
  3. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Er excuse ME sir your WRONG. Ludbig on PCF (read my screenshot I gave AS PROOF) SAID THAT KIM WAS BACK WORKING ON EU 6 MONTHS AGO. So why did they not they that 6 months ago instead of scamming new players of CONPETS FOR PAST 6 MONTHS SIR EH????. WHY DID THEY NOT SAY THIS FUC*KING SHIT 6 MONTHS AGO???? SAY PLEASE WHY????
  4. Hi all ! x'D

    Forgive OZTwo, he sometimes mixes up videogame facts with reallife pond projects...

    SoOooOoOo, shall we have a look at January 2018 ? Shall we ?!

    Good ol CEO Henrik Nel stepped forward *applause* , with his gamer heart'n stuff...and posted an astonishing 3 liner...

    compet marketing jan 2018.

    So, in January of 2018 MindArk was claiming, to still work on Compet...developing it...improving it !
    All investors happy ! Soon Compet would be awesome !

    "They" (?) even were preapring a proper marketing campaign in January...

    Now, lets head to the end of february...the 25th, to be exact :

    compet marketing feb 2018.

    A coordinated marketing push...holy cow, say what !?11²²³³ x'D

    SEE SEE, so the plan in feb.2018 was, to relaunch Compet...while it was still heavily developed...hu ?....but just 3 days later, Feb. 28th, the last Compet patch, 1.7.0, got thrown on the market...*yayyy*...sadly, with no significant content. "Fixed an issue where..."...they probably were busy with all the awesome content updates that...would never arrive...because those did not exist. The idea was dead on day 1...but Compet finally died as of march 2018...6 months prior their epic announcement of shutting it down...by realizing, that they already failed "in early 2018" ?

    Ok, so, there was march 2018 and I stated that Compet is already dead...

    So, instead of Captain Jack, "corwin" from the family, did his job and told me to shut the fuck up and dont always act as an Vulture, creating panic...because MindArk is awesome... and I suck...I should show some respect... x'D

    compet marketing mar 2018.

    He knew he was wrong...because hes part of the family...

    In march of 2018, the forum started to die...silence was strong.

    April, May, June, July, August, September...silence...."hey, lets post that Compet development came to an end and that we had a comprehensive marketing campaign in early 2018, that totally failed"... *lol*

    Yes, fecking Henrik Nel at the mic again...and he dares to post, that there was a comprehensive marketing campaign for compet in early 2018, lead by a leading mobile marketing company...jan ? no ! feb ? no ! mar ? Maybe ? xD Really ? And it failed ?
    But they told us about it 6 fecking months later ? Isnt that impressive ? Even for the swedish standard of tradition...*lol* ;D ....and excellence ? Epic !

    So they needed a leading mobile marketing...you know what, if you dont understand whats written...then posting the opposite wont make it sound better...fuck, sometimes Im getting tired of re-re-re-explaining all this, again and again and again...to some baulky users here... but Im glad I could clear things up for you once again...

    compet marketing sep 2018.

    Maybe the "we are still accumulating the payout" *lol* could have opened your eyes back then...look at screenshot 1st...then continue reading...

    compet deed payout 2017 post.

    ...realizing, that the payout of some pecs, happened more then 1 year after the original promise.
    WTF were they accumulating for 13 months !? LOL

    compet bluescreen.
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  5. No you are right but also right again since I miss read what you typed. Yes, you are right about Kim but I thought you typed " says that Compet IS *NOT* dead...." I think for the most part Rick was the only one who thought that it wasn't dead while the rest knew MA was up to something and that Compets was soon to die.

    Yes, I know, but look at it this way, at the time MA had no idea what they could do until the moon deeds. So this is why they didn't say anything. They simply waited until they had a plan..which yes, MA could take years and feed McM since this is what he loves. :) Kind of funny but if MA was a normal company McM would have been gone long long ago. :)

    edit: lol and I typed that before seeing his flood of replies here! He loves this game simply due to MA many many faults.
  6. No other game company on planet earth, rapes their loyal patrons this excessively and continuous.
    And no, thats not why I love Entropia...
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  7. O come on.no issue with it, but you are the only one I know who gets bored and announce he's leaving when MA doesn't post an update for a while. Then when any update is posted by MA you seem to come back alive again. :) So we know it's true if MA had no issues you be gone long ago. But yes, again, it's fun..so at least MA is giving you enjoyment.
  8. *sigh* thank you for your analysis, Dr. OZTwo...wtf...you say I keep posting that I leave, everytime when there are no updates for a while ? I really think about putting you to ignore again...but you are always so funny, with your random thoughts. :'D

    Get your facts straight, my last post was about to stop playing (stop supporting the clowns). And I stopped playing ! and keep my "useless random arguments" to a minimum, after the deepthroat bullshit is over.

    It is not over...hence I am here...man, this discussion is not about disturbed individuals like me, stop trying to analyze what you dont understand. x'D

    This is about a company trying to scam their loyal patrons...again and again and again...

    MindArk fucked us once more and you call it "enjoyment for McCormick" ?!

    The only thing I enjoy here, are your funny random thoughts...

    That I can make people aware of MindArk's "business tactics" is something totally different. It is not funny and Im not filled with enjoyment, doing this.

    But I admit, I enjoy reading the "payed family member posts", when they "answer" to my "panic-threads" and claim how wrong I always am... :'D
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  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    To play the devil's advocate here, Kim most likely is not the only person who worked on Compet. Him being reallocated back to Calypso does not prove that was the moment Compet was to be considered dead by the company.

    If the comprehensive marketing strategy was indeed, as was claimed, paying a few Twitch people to play the game, every single marketing person inside MA, as well as whichever executive signed off on that idea should be fired. A marketing strategy should have a strategy behind it. Simply hoping a bunch of nerds playing a video is going to drive traffic and magically turn a shit game into a cashcow is delusional.

    It would typically mean you start checking if your funnel is optimised. Then you figure out how to keep the customer's attention, and finally you attempt to minimise drop-off. As everyone who's played EU will be able to tell you, simply receiving a mail with "Hey, assholer, we noticed you haven't logged in for weeks" isn't going to do the trick, and the great majority of people who do end up signing back in following those mails will probably do so solely to keep their account alive, and/or to collect CLD payout.

    As long as the underlying mechanics of the game have not changed in an attempt to see if that will hold your attention longer, you basically didn't accomplish shit, because the player will disappear again, until the next reminder.

    I have never touched Compet, but was anything in the game mechanics changed at all since January, or did MA simply decide that their model and game were the pinnacle of what they could release, and kept it at that, with their marketing effort basically being a desparate attempt to create some exposure for it, through a handful of Twitch players?

    I think I already know the answer ;)
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  10. I am now buying compets, I need 4 more to have 5.

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