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ComPet Income

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Information regarding payouts and withdrawals

    Payouts to Deed Holders

    ComPet Payouts will be made to Deed Holders once a month. The first payout will be made in early January. There is a minimum limit of 1000 PED (100 USD) on withdrawals from the Entropia Universe Account. Payouts will vary depending on the revenue generated.

    Withdrawals For ComPet Pro Players

    Players with a ComPet Pro account will be able to withdraw a minimum of 500 PED (50 USD) from their account.
    What is a Compet Pro account ? @_@
  2. Early january is due btw. without any payment for the deed holders.

    Now, who would have guessed that ?

    2.000.000 € crowdfundend, 2 devs, bought unity 3d models, 3 forum admins, all oldskool MA ppl and a half ready product in 2017.

    Instead I offer you a screenshot from the "Latest Buzz" (July 2014)

    compet july 2014.
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  3. As the devs of compet dont really communicate on their on forum (anymore), except for posting minor changes of the ingame "stats" and as the promised payouts for the compet deeds didnt happen,
    people got angry and posts got deleted. A new drama on its way ?

    compet forum users devs.

    Sounds like Entropia ? We will SEE...

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  4. Pro


    Account is banned.. Most of my comments were deleted :) I'll keep you posted. competsucks.PNG competsucks2.PNG
  5. Pro


    I am honored to make the admin do his FIRST post.
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  6. Pro


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  7. Sooooo, MindArk announced to send out a newsletter (but no PEDs) next week. (last week of march 2017)

    Lets SEE what kind of exciting news there will be...Compet Simulator anyone ?
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  8. San


    Maybe a PED simulator.
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  9. Happy anniversary, Compet Deed Payout !

    -It got announced for january 2017, but did not happen.

    -It got announced for february 2017, but did not happen.

    -It did not get announced for march 2017, so it didnt happen

    -It did not get announced for april 2017, so it didnt happen

    -It did not get announced for may 2017, so it didnt happen (yet)

    Do we SEE a (MA)pattern here ? Happy anniversary anyone ? It is amazing to SEE that patience is measured in months, sometimes even in years for little announcements like this. What kind of addicted community is this ? [​IMG]

    But lets settle down, as the big dollars still get accumulated since the start of the game, we will all recive huge amount of PEDs...one day...if you still own compet deeds by then.

    Seriously, whats happening here is no difference if compared to the main product Entropia itself.
    Bad to zero communication, incomplete game, bugs, tons of unanswered questions (thanks to zero communication),a very small community. Im here since 2004, its indeed amazing to SEE that you havent pulled the plug yet. (thank you rich "investors") [​IMG]

    Though, I would feel quite uncomfortable owning compet deeds since 3 years, doing nothing, that I bought with my real money, to crowdfund a "Finally Entropia enters the smartphones" project...luckily I got my deeds for free.

    Shall I sell my deeds before the price drops even further ?

    To me it makes absolutely no sense continuing at level 24. Where is the action ? Where is the diversity ? Where is the fun !? Rob gold, getting robbed, a boring "town", an empty arena and a strange combat system. I really tried to enjoy this game, I tried to find the stimulation...I try to understand where the 2 million crowdfunded euros ended up when looking at this game. Where are they ? As already mentioned, it would be a decent game if it would be made by 2 or 3 freelancers..because thats how it looks and feels like.

    Even an answer like "1st payout is expected to happen in mid june", just to realize there will be no payout in mid june...wouldnt even surprise me...as I have seen it all, twice...
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  10. update:
    People get banned and recieve warnings on the compet forum, for beeing "negative"...negative in terms of asking for infos about the payout of the compet deeds. I did not "invest" into compet deeds, but got them for free...so I have to admit, this is getting boring to me by now, as I lost nothing...I can only imagine how people feel, people that have "invested" 3000$ and more into these deeds...recieving absolutely nothing in return...since 3 years. But who cares... x'D

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  11. Maybe all we need is people giving Ethereum away to Neverdie.

    Than magically, compet will start producing income.
    It's Magic.
    Let's make Neverdie and MindArk great again. :P
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting they say that threatening legal action publicly is against the rules. I wonder if that is actually written down anywhere or if it is just something they say when someone is negative?

    Still, much as I saw this one coming (it never being finished/taking many many years to finish) a mile off when compet was first announced (and therefore didn't touch it with a barge pole), I do feel sorry for the people who invested while not "knowing MA" and that this would be a likely outcome (as with so many other forgotten or delayed features).

    I don't think they will have much chance in getting whatever it was they spent on deeds back but I wish them all the best trying.

  13. And just like as in Entropia, MA keeps changing the interface...again and again...calling it content/updates adding promises for the future.

    They talk about advertising again...advertising, you know ? This thing MindArk never does...except they sell an Island or a Virtual Nightclub...in the past...

    And they claim "The number of new players generated from the streams as well as their retention rates is encouraging"
    No more numbers for you my friend !
  14. I discovered a mean bug, which will get your pet killed on the last move of your opponent, as it will do 2 times the damage. It happens so fast, you might miss it and you wont SEE it if you are on autofight.

    This bug is unfixed since weeks.

    My last thread about it got deleted. Luckily I (still) have the ability to post on their forum and tried again.

    bug forum post.

    In the end...who cares...by the day there will be real connections between Entropia and Compet (or a deed payout), Im probably no longer on planet earth.
  15. Compet on iOS ("test/beta phase" Russia, Ukraine and New Zealand)

    In short, not enough comments in New Zealand and Ukraine, only 3 comments in Russia (old ones) after 4 months of beeing in the apple app store.

    Do these markets provide great value ? :confused:

    only in russia.

    Official link re-directions + appstore links to the different areas :



    Ukraine :


    New Zealand:

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
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  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The game is almost 750 MB? WTF?
  17. Its some kind of copy protection, as it wont fit on a standard 700mb recordable CD.
    MA must move with the times. ;D
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  18. McCormick you're the best. :bigsmile: :beerchug:
  19. San


    Does this mean it won't run on my 1989 walkman? Bummer.
  20. cd 2 cassette.JPG

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