comp problems when playing pe

Discussion in 'Technical, security and bug reports' started by Natasza, Nov 7, 2009.

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  2. Could be allot of things, but the first thing that comes to mind is over heating. Make sure all your cooling fans are working, and that the heatsinks, (the fined things under the spinny things) are free of dust, mud, and other stuffs.
  3. A weak power supply or dying one can cause this to. What size PSU do you have? 500 watts and higher is needed for most systems now adays.
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  5. If a computer shuts down w/o warning the reason is to protect your computer from damage, most likely from overheating.

    Download a tool that monitors the temperature of your GPU.

    (i.e. from here or here)

    Watch the temperature while you play and post your results here.
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  7. Here are the values from my laptop for comparison (max values are taken during >2 hours non-stop playing EU at med settings)

    Similar laptop setup, guess you won't get better values for comparison.

    Seems you have indeed a heat problem, altho your values are NOT high enough to warrant an emergency shutdown (GPU somewhere > 120C) - or you ran that test somewhere in the desert :P

    Make sure the air intakes/outlets are not covered by i.e. lose textiles or such (i know it is called LAPtop, but running it on your lap or on the bed spread while lying in bed, on a table cloth, yada yada... is NO good idea, not for gaming)

    Make sure your 'puter can breath, maybe put it on 2 stacks of books and re-run the test, so the intakes on the bottom are not covered. Using a vacuum cleaner to dust off the air intakes (and remove dust thats inside that way) won't hurt either.

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    yep, definatly heat problem. i'd point out that your minimum temperatures are too high to begin with, suggesting some basic underlying problem, as Wizzszz points out in the air flows and such.
  9. MindArks implementation of CryEngine2 is very unrefined and causes temperatures to exceed Crysis temps even though Crysis looks alot better. For example when I had my old 8800GT card my crysis temps during gaming was around 75-80 with overclock and 35% fanspeed.

    When PE changed to CryEngine2 I had to lower some details,increase fanspeed to 80% and decrease Corespeed on the card from 690mhz to 605 to be able to avoid temp shutdowns. If I didnt I would crash since temps would go up towards 100's

    PS. Wisszzzssiiisssz. You have broken temperature sensors or a roomtemperature of 13-15 degrees tops
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  11. It is most likely PE's fault due to ineffective coding. Its the most demanding game I have and its by far not the prettiest
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