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Comodo Sells Certificate Business to Private Equity Firm

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Uh, McCormick spamming the forum with uselss news crap now ?

    Nah, but I make it very short this time :

    Comodo sold its certificate business, called "Comodo CA Limited"...to ,"Francisco Partners".
    "Francisco Partners" are, for example, the majority shareholders of NSO.

    NSO is the developer of the Pegasus malware. *yay*

    Entropia as well as Compet, uses Comodo CA Limited RSA Code Signing.




    I promsied to make it super short this time. So, what does that mean ?
    Put on your tinfoil hats !

    I bet my pants, that MA will force the admin to delete this thread. ,-)
    (because of posting "public information")

    This is no witchcraft, just rightlick the exe files of entropia or compet, choose "properties", then "digital signature" and then click "details" :


    Want to know more about certificates and digital signatures ?


    What is a digital certificate?
    Digital certificates and digital signatures help guarantee that the file that you are about to use comes from a reliable source and has not been tampered with. ,-)

    A digital certificate is an ID that a file carries. To validate a signature, a certification authority validates information about the creator of the file, and then issues the digital certificate. The digital certificate contains information about the person to whom the certificate was issued, and information about the certification authority that issued it. When a digital certificate is used to sign a file, the ID is stored with the file in a verifiable form so that the ID can be displayed to a user.
    What is a digital signature?
    Word uses digital signatures on the document contents to help make sure that the document has not been modified and saved since the document was signed. Digital signatures can also help you distinguish documents and macros that are created by a reliable source from bad and potentially damaging documents or macro code (viruses).

    A digital signature includes both a public certificate and the value of the signed data as encrypted by a private key. The value is a number that a cryptographic algorithm generates for any data that you want to sign. This algorithm makes it almost impossible to change the data without changing the resulting value. Therefore, by encrypting the value instead of the data, a digital signature helps a user to verify that the data was not changed.
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