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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by padcc, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Hello,not sure if this the right forum for this,but im kinda lost.I played entropia a bit years ago and then all my friends left so i left also.I was thinking about just cashing out but i dont have 1000 ped,i did the math and my inventory is worth around 650. So i either try my luck and farm the rest or maybe i can sell my skills,not sure if that is still a thing,i remember that shit was expensive back then,but my highest skill is Laser Weaponry at 2500 followed by Rifle at 2350 so im not sure if i have anything there.My best guess is go hunting like before but the game is so diferent i have no clue where to go and what to kill,my gear consists of Full Rascal Armor with full armor plating mark.21,solomate opalo with omegatron a101,breer m2a(L) with omegatron a102 and alekz scope,a vivo T10 and a teleport chip,i used to hunt atrox young to old near Twin peaks mall if i am not mistaken. So what should i do?
  2. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Welcome back and welcome to EP.

    I am affraid I can not really help you with your question, as it has been a while since I really played. I am an old guy so your gear looks pretty nice to me, but no clue if it still is for todays standards.
  3. San


    Welcome back!

    I would keep the Opalo as a museum piece and get an Ozpyn LR S1X1 instead, its economy is much better. Costs around 10 ped +tt or you could go through the motions on Cyrene to obtain the blueprint and craft it yourself.

    As for gradually stronger weapons moving up through the ranks, there is now a multitude of series of (L) items that have been streamlined across the planets, i.e. stats are the same even though looks and sounds are different. Suggest to check Entropedia, the weapons section is still very useful and kept up to date. Most of the classics have been outmoded, keep an eye on the dpp (damage per pec) figure and of course the skill requirements.
  4. Wistrel

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    Ozpyn LR S1X1 --- even I didn't know about that one.... but then... I don't know much these days!
  5. Jamira

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    Hmmm ... low equipment, low skills, 600 PED at PedCard ... I suggest leave the game, forget the 600 PED or even burn them in some stupid hunts. Don't pay anymore for it! Have a look around for other interesting games. This one isn't worth it any longer.
  6. San


    No arguing with that, but as a matter of principle I prefer games where I can spend as little or as much as I want at any time rather than a subscription. It just requires control over one's pride and spending habits. Furthermore I have a passionate dislike for systems where things on my side get effectively remote-controlled, which you allow when you chain yourself to Steam or similar platforms.
  7. Norbert

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    Your A101 has fair bit of mark up these days so maybe your closer to the 1k than you think to withdraw. Or maybe play though with what you have and see if you still enjoy EU, but as others have said things have changed quite a lot. Over the last few months i have been playing other games though tbh, and truth be told I have been having a lot more fun for considerably less money than EU. I still log into EU sometimes, but nothing like how i did in previous years.

    Maybe the changes in EU spark life into what you left behind 4 years ago, whatever you decide gl and have fun :).

    I would ask the same on the calypso forum though for differing viewpoints.

  8. San


    I would like to add that nowadays I am spending most of my time on the outer planets where direct contact between the devs and the players constantly reminds of what Calypso has lost. Find out what gives you pleasure, but you may like to try a trip around before giving up. Withdrawing still takes several months, about the only thing that hasn't changed.
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