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Entropia News: Colonist Jumpsuits Now in Color

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. On May 3, 2020 I got so bored, I went from blue to white. I even hunted Atrox and started to profit,
    as I took messis advice...you only loose if you start shooting...or something like that. ;D

    I also sold all evade (3500) and dodge skills (1400), all crafting skills...still I didnt feel any significant difference while hunting Atrox unarmored for like 10 hours.

    I stopped hunting, when I started to loot items (weapons, amps etc.).... o_O
    Then I redesigned my avatar. (That message popped up every login.)

    Oh what a lovely day in Entropia.

    Sadly the white-jumpsuit is more like dirty-light-grey and doesnt really fit my shiny white noob hat.

    Also you cant wear gloves. Bah !!!

    800 ped well invested. Case closed.

    Still boring.

    Its all spare PEDs, I never deposited again.

    Back to Tetiana Karunna, Id say.

    mc white.
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  2. Added: 10-04-2016 13:56

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  3. Nice lol, I thought only joda bought the white suit accidently back then. x'D

    Feel free to write a support case, asking to re-color this suit, to real white.
    Oh and dont forget to ask, why you cant wear gloves on that suit...it will then all forwarded to the design team and soon we will wear a shiny white suit and can attach gloves to it.^^

    I will ask joda as well. The more people ask for it, the better... x'D
  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    aww so the cheery fella with a wrench of yester year became an angry chap with a baseball bat. Well... I can see why that would happen

    I walked up a hill a coupla weeks ago... didn't think of a reason to walk down yet. Sure I will by the end of the year though.

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