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Discussion in 'Planet Cyrene' started by GeorgeSkywalker, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. There are many things we can do with the current tools. As time goes by all the Planet Partners will really start to shine in their own ways. I personaly can't wait to share what Cyrene has to offer but patience is a virtue I am working on and I too will have to wait till it's the proper time.
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  2. Nor Alien

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    Sounds like the future is very bright indeed!! :)
  3. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Nerf's happen for a reason. Your taking an extreme position disregarding the the facts. PP's can block the use of certain weapons and items on their planet. With time some planets will take that option. That is their decision. However , if they do something like that people like me who prefer to use calypso weapons will simply not go there for any long period of time. They would only be shooting themselves in the foot.

    Now the reason why RT decided to disallow the use of any weapons on The Thing area is to kick start the RT economy as RT items can be used on The THING area. This is a very good move for RT as it encourages people like me who want to use calypso weapons to use them on RT and knowing the loot now has a purpose. To be used in the new area as well as RT.

    Gamers in this game seem to have very little patience :) We are a strange breed we want to know everything !

    I tend to agree with time differences will develop between planets. At the moment PP's are in an embryonic phase with not even the basics complete i.e. a fully functioning economy. Which seems to be the key factor in a planets success. With the exception of Calypso which seems to be eons ahead of any other existing planet. After seeing the mess ups at existing PP's just makes me realise how perfectly designed Calypso is. It has soo many subtleties which I never realised until visiting the new planets who seem do everything wrong ;)
  4. I think I could swallow, and maybe even learn to appreciate, items being blocked in certain areas. In Ancient Greece, I think it even makes sense.

    It's the race/class/etc. that are absolutely depressing me. Next to the real cash economy, I think the free spirited, non-linear atmosphere was really the heart of pre-Mission/Achievement Entropia. Entropia is now becoming a different game than pre-Mission/Achievement Entropia, and I miss my old Entropia. Even though I have always been a non-depositing niblet with a small PED Card and almost no skills, I kinda feel like I was able to stay in the honeymoon phase of Entropia for almost 3 years. Looking at the future of EU, I think the end of that feeling is about to hit hard. :( I guess it happens to everyone for some reason or another.

    Linearity is great in The Legend of Zelda. It's great in Sonic the Hedgehog. It's great in games that you play for 50 hours. It's great in games that are compiled onto your disk, and are still the same game each time you turn on the TV.

    Linearity is terrible in games in which you live with the consequences of your decisions for years. And it's worse yet in games where the code could be changed each time you run the program. You don't even have all the information necessary to properly make a game-altering decision in Entropia. The planet partners are making the game up as they go. You'd be making an important decision, blindly.
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  5. Wistrel

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    I liked Jedi Knight. I even played it through twice - totally unlike me to finish hardly any game ever haha.
    I've recently started Portal. haha very addictive... has that "just one more puzzle" thing going on
  6. GeorgeSkywalker

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    After careful consideration (nearly a year) I think the solution that would best suit EU and Cyrene would be to allow a player to change paths even down the road when the differences would be greater between the races/groups.

    To change sides though should not be easy would require completing some mission(s) that can increase in difficulty depending on when you decide to change i.e. changing early easy. Changing years later extremely hard mission.

    Now that planet cyrene is near release I hope my belated decision is still useful :biggrin:

    Actually I like this approach best. Would be fun to play then and not have to worry too much about choosing "wrong" side.
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  7. Tass

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    Just recently and several times already I saw people refering to the "factions VU" which seems to be supposed to arrive soon.

    Did I miss anything? Will there really be something like a factions system?

    So far I was under the impression that "factions" will just be a result of a creative use of the mission system.
  8. Yeah, I'm not so sure if you can really implement the Race/Faction/Class features in EU like other mmos, but you can definitely implement it to a certain degree.
    I do hope MA makes some client changes to allow for more dynamic environments and like better questgiving. The quests and missions aren't really on par with the modern MMOs and the current system does not allow much room for expanding functionality.

    I've had a MMO "marathon" in the past several years and played all the major MMOs out there and here is my take on factions: (I know some of it has been gone over already so I'll try to make it simple)

    - WoW: You choose "Alliance" or "Horde". This affects Race choices. (Human, dwarf etc for Alliance... Orcs, undead etc for Horde) This in turn effects your choice of classes.
    Now all this is done in Character creation. After this you cannot change your Faction/Race/Class. What you CAN do in-game is increase standings to various NPC factions. This will get you certain quests and items from that faction.

    - LotRO: You choose Race and class in character creation. You cannot change race/class in game, but you CAN do quests from any faction. So race/class does not restrict the type of quests you receive.

    - EVE: You choose Race in character creation. This does NOT effect your quests or skills or class type. It's probably closest to the EU model. You can be whatever you want based on your choice of skills.

    - Runescape: No races/factions. Very similar to EU's skill system. Your "class" is based on your skills. You want to skill up in ranged combat, then you keep fighting with ranged weapons. Your usage of that item skills you in the usage of the item.

    I've played tons more but probably not worth mentioning as it's the same old thing.

    So the issue is, how will EU allow you to choose a race/faction/class if you already made your character and already have a set of skills? Games like WoW and LotrO encourage making new characters to try different classes/races.
    EU, like EVE and Runescape do not quite work that way. Yes people make alts, but you don't really need to. You can still experience all of the game with one character.

    I imagine as far as the EU system will allow, the option to choose which faction you will join would be obviously in character. And since this game does not encourage multiple alts (and nobody wants to spend real money to skill up another char), a system will have to be in place to allow people to change paths and questlines, but sorta punish them for doing so. The amount of punishment is debatable.

    Like for example, you have a faction... lets say, an Army faction with questlines: Colony Security and Engineer Corps.
    You should be able to "choose" the Colony Security storyline which focuses on hunting... killing missions. But you can switch to Engineer Corps for some manufacturing. But you will need to start from the beginning and work your way up.
    The Army is allies with the Guards of Cyrene. You can do quests for them the same way.

    Then there is the Separatists (GREEN) faction enemies of the State: GREEN Hunters, Ore Excavations and GREEN Industries. You decide that the Army faction doesn't pay well enough so you switch to their opponents, the GREENs, and decide to work for them.
    They don't trust you, so you need to gain their trust by again, doing simple missions. Then after a few loyalty challenges you can unlock their storyline missions. This will in turn, lock up your Army storylines and you lose the ability to work for the Army and their allies.

    Pretty simple, but without a real "faction points" system, I don't think it can go beyond that. You just trigger "locks" and "unlocks" upon completion of a quest. I don't know, that's my take. Sounds sorta cool in a way though. I wish MA would spend a bit more time on expanding EU's functionality and tools, so planet partners could start making some real unique gameplay and act like it's own MMO. If not every planet will feel like a cheap clone of one another, and while the landscapes look amazing, there's little reason to expand.

    Holey crap that was longer than I intended. I'll shut up now! :P
  9. NotAdmin

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    Nice post, Crue Knight :) I'm also wondering how the faction system will be implemented, but I guess that yes, you will have to be able to somehow switch at some point, as second avatars are not allowed. Thus if you "break the law" for one faction, it should be possible to somehow get back in favour, perhaps for instance by killing numbers of their sworn enemies.

    WOW has some quests like that as well where you can just grind away for reputation in order to receive specific bonuses, and the same happens in LOTRO. Specific factions there will allow you to build up reputation either by killing specific enemies, or handing in specific lootable items, all of which are obtainable from loot.
  10. Are there any news on this? Will the factions and choices be there from the start or added later? Will this be constrained to what missions you can do in the mission trees / forest or have larger implications?

    The only present "sideness" in EU I can think of is the Genesis Star vs Mr Lyndon and it does not really have a big in game effect.
  11. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Yes, there has been some news. I think Ed or Kris posted on Cyrene official forum about choices.

    As you play you won't be able to stay neutral you will have to choose a side. You can change sides but will have to do some kind of missions to gain the trust of the opposing faction. At least that's what I remember of it.
  12. This is the best I found, it also references to ET June. I don't really see how a "factions VU" derives from this, unless the initial release won't have the missions with choices.
  13. GeorgeSkywalker

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    I tried to find it without luck. Probably best to ask on cyrene forum ...
  14. Tass

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    Ed in Entropia Times: "The players will have 5 initial factions to start with. At first there will be missions to help any of them out but as the player progresses the choices get more defined and the player will have to choose a stricter path depending on their belief of how their character lives on Cyrene."

    Factions overview on the wiki:
  15. Nor Alien

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    Sweet.. but which one makes you the most ped!! :whistling::geek:
  16. AxeMurderer

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    Any news on those Factions?
    When I think about it it can be big enought to change the mindless grinding in something with more depth.
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