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CEO Klas Moreau left MA, Henrik Nel (deeptoken) new MA CEO x'D

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Franciso Conde informed me about this. Happy new year ! x'D

    2 weeks ago Klas Moreau happily (lol) "left" MindArk, kept some MA shares and will support their bitcoin adventure.

    Henrik Nel Jerkrot, the guy behind Deeptoken, is now the new CEO of MindArk.
    He was eSports manager at Mindark in 2016 already...Project manager at MA and then Chief Strategy Officer at MA...according to linkedin.

    Henrik Nel Jerkrot esports MA 2016.

    Happy New Year Everyone xDDDD


    Henrik Nel Jerkrot facebook.


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  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator


    I was offered a CEO job after 10 years experience in multi-million dollar budget bleeding edge IT project management for the world's biggest companies. I've declined because I felt I wasn't up to the job (and soon after dropped out of the corp world completely).

    I already thought it's a crazy career to go from university to "Chief Strategy Officer" within a year, and now he became the CEO of MindArk?!? What does "MindArk eSports" mean by the way, doing mayhem events, lol?

    Not sure what all thismeans for MindArk. They seem to be completely convinced VR & crypto is the way to go. I would have advised to drive in and keep in a greater number of players by simply delivering a super-polished game. Obviously they are not and were never capable of that, even after 20 years of development. But instead of learning from mistakes and get the shit done they rather follow a "aw, it didn't work for us, let's do something else" approach: business VR, casual pet battle game, crypto tokens, ...

    At least, as Henrik Nel Jerkrot promises, we'll get a lot of communication about that stuff, time to celebrate \o/ Wonder whether or not he'll find the only community site left ;)
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  3. Only in russiaheee MindArk...
  4. http://deeptoken.net/#1

    Our robust systems have been
    developed with several government-
    funded entities and universities

    We have established a community of 3
    million registered users from 217
    countries & territories.

    Launch Digital Bank

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  5. I just don't have any words left for this circus.
  6. San


    So I have a stake in this now as a taxpayer. Which means success or failure doesn't matter at all, your money is taken and you won't see it again either way. Anyhow, this is but a drop in the ocean. Governments don't explore this crypto stuff without ulterior motives. You can't let people make payments to each other without oversight, can you? Especially when we were finally getting somewhere in the fight against cashterrorism.
  7. Got my £3k of real money back into my real bank account so can just sit back and enjoy the show. :)

    As always many thanks for posting McCormick.
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  8. A joint venture with EA Sports, I’m pretty sure. ;)

    If only a proper gaming company could come in and buy EU and turn things around...could it happen?
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    "I recognize the importance of having a positive relationship with the community and will focus on improving MindArk’s communication with our dedicated and passionate playerbase."

    Pahhaaahahaa... well if he's reading this, I challenge him to say "hi".


    (seriously how many times have we heard THAT old [empty] promise before?)
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf


    yes.... I think we've all been wondering that one for some time now...
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator


    How about getting there first? There's a long way to go.

    Not EA, then. We all might think MindArk is bad, but EA is truly evil.
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  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Welcome to the club!
    I got my $7k in midsummer 2014 already and leaned back and enjoy the show.
  13. This new CEO doesnt talk much it seems.

    Maybe he will make an appearance in this years "State of the Universe 2018" ?
    It should arrive any day now. aka soon... ;D

    Maybe his plans are to "double the amount of players within 1 year" ? x'D

    *ring, ring*

    Or fix all the...stuff, we beg to fix since years ?

    Or maybe even improve Entropia and enrich it with real content updates again ?

    Words can be strong...but 1st of all, Deeptoken will take our breath away...in one way or another.
    Promised. ;)

    I was able to leak the 1st words from his statement :

    Dear participants,

    my name is Henrik Nel Jerkrot.
    I studied management and economics of innovation at Chalmers University from 2011 to 2016.
    I worked at an Insurance company, where I reviewed insurance claims in 2015, before I started as E-sports manager at MindArk in 2016.
    I became their CEO some months later. *lol* Im a gamer and the co-founder of the deeptoken. My life is now complete.
    Any questions ?
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  14. That ‘New CTO’ link...typical MA waffle:

    “the company is keeping its flagship, the Entropic Universe MMO, at the pinnacle of new technologies.“

    “Mindark is now ramping up both development and marketing efforts substantially,"
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  15. San


    "My life is now complete." -- This statement worries me. The day I don't want something I don't have is the day I die. And this guy is young. Okay, let's not read too much into it, seems to have been uttered in jest anyway. But I also think his being silent ever since taking the chair begins to erode confidence already. Is he the Entropia guy now or Deeptoken his only concern? Inquiring minds want to know. State of the Universe now! With a not-so-veiled warning that verbal fluff which isn't followed through is going to backfire. Again.

  16. LoOooOOoL, aaahhhh man, the 2 classic MA statements, that say so much everytime they re-use it,
    yet, are empty as fuck, after beeing abused dozens of times.

    Flagship Entropia ? What else is there ? Ohhhhh, right, Compet... ,-)

    If they would have "ramped" up development and marketing efforts, everytime they claimed they did it...jesus...do you have any idea where we would have been today ? There would be EU commercials playing on planet mars by now....just because MA could do it. ;D

    And all we got in 2 decades, was some big sales in the news, some PR gags and those cookie based "Are you a mature MMO gamer" images. Images, that stalked current players like mad, if they didnt use ad-blocking or no-script plugins. Way to go Mindark, way to go, annoy the sh!t out of current players...thats how you do proper advertising to reach out for new players. x'D

    But the best thing about EU is, these rare moments, when MA has choosen another "news platform", to spread the word about Entropia,
    when some bullshit like the Virutal President came up.
    These "news platforms" have never ever heard anything about Entropia before...never...and always praise it like god.

    Makes you wonder ?

    And now they even claim to have more then 3 million users. Out of nowhere. Without ever doing the mentioned marketing efforts.
    And their faces never turn red.

    This show is getting more and more embarassing. But I enjoy it. As I once stated, its like an burning amusement park...you cant look away, when the rollercoaster is on fire, can you ? ;D

    But just because there are some hidden (re)investors left and some hardcore addicted gamblers found their new home inside of Entropia, still doesnt mean MA is doing a good job...beeing still "on the market" after 20 years. ;p
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well, I'm quite glad I made my money back from the deeds already and continue to have them fund what little cash I need in game. Equally glad I never put cash into Compet. I still love Entropia, and hope it continues, but if it doesn't I won't feel a financial sting. But I would miss the exploring.
  18. Is MindArk stock available to purchase or is it a privately owned company?

    If a public company I would think that their AGMs must be akin to the Nuremberg Trials assuming that gamers would be eligible to attend with a single share in the company?

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