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Can't install client loader

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by dragus359, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. dragus359

    dragus359 Tony "T-Bone" Peralta

    [SOLVED] Can't install client loader


    Hi everyone,

    I recently reinstalled windows 7 -64bit. It was a fresh install, so my hard drive was reformatted and all my data was erased. I've been in the process of re-installing my programs. When it came time to re-install Entropia, the "calypso_installer.exe" (downloaded from planetcalypso.com) just hangs and doesn't do anything. When I run it, the program acts like it is about to extract the files for installation, but never goes beyond 0% completion. When I click on "cancel" it asks me if I really want to cancel, so then I click on yes, but nothing happens. At this point, I have to go in the task manager to force it to terminate. I've tried running it as an admin and I've tried running it in XP (sp3) compatibility mode, but nothing works.

    If anyone knows how to get past this, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

  2. This may be a dumb question, but did you try and re-download the installer? That is the first thing that comes to mind. It is possible (however it's a small chance), that it did not properly save the first go round. I have seen it happen, and have experienced it myself on other programs. It should run on Win 7 64 without a problem, as I am running under that and have not had a problem. That is all that comes to mind, sorry I can't be of more help.
  3. dragus359

    dragus359 Tony "T-Bone" Peralta

    Thanks for the reply. Yea, it was a corrupt installer. I tried re-downloading it several times from planetcalypso.com with no success, however I discovered that the insallter on the Rocktropia site works. I just downloaded it, and it installed without a hitch! If anyone else experiences this problem, I suggest trying multiple hosts until you find a non-corrupt installer. This shouldn't be too hard, as there are only a handful of hosts for the client setup package, and, by "handful", I am referring, of course, to the two sites that I know of, which I mentioned above, haha.

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