Calypso Ground Assessment -- Finally.

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by Kets, May 13, 2008.

  1. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    Well, I got a new skill unlock today... Calypso Ground Assessment..What does this do?

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  2. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    It means that now, instead of 60-90% return MA gives you 20-40% return.

    Gz anyway
  3. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Well done. Gratz Kets. :ok:
  4. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    Gratz indeed! Carebears 4tw ;p
  5. Gratz Kets , nice impovement :)

    Give no speculation here what it does because i will not give a frustrating comment :scare:
  6. Judging by the screenshot it just gives "No resources found..." :D
  7. Kets

    Kets Cranky Old EuC Reporter

    I think Anna hit it right on the head. I did go dry for a bit, but then, after getting a few more CGA skill hits I started to hit a couple of amples and several Modests, one higher than small. I'll see what the long term yield is.

    What I need is a "Where the Hell is Una Assessment" so that he doesn't take me out of the Canley event too early.:p
  8. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Gratz on the unlock. Another rung in the ladder. hehehe
    Una detectors will be sold in the TT in the near future :surprise:
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  9. WOW big gratz Kets:yeah:Great unlock
  10. :yahoo:Gratz on the unlock :yahoo:
  11. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Skills only make mining worse.
    When i was low on peds, sold all my mining skills and went mining with noob tools

    First run: 960ped lyst (No Amp, 8th bomb)

    Second run Run: 260ped Blau (No amp, 2nd bomb)
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