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Planet Calypso News: Calamusoid Attacks

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. The genetically engineered and violently aggressive Calamusoid mutants that normally inhabit the swamp areas near Fort Lahar and Fort Medusa have recently been spotted in the outskirts of Chugs Hideout and Fort Ithaca.

    As the Calamusoids are known for their extremely aggressive behavior, the Calypso Defense Force (CDF) urges all colonists that plan to visit these locations to use extreme caution, repeat, Extreme Caution!

    The initial reports coming in from hunters suggest that the area around Chugs Hideout have attracted low maturity Calamusoids, while higher maturities have been spotted near Fort Ithaca.

    While the gatherings of Calamusoids outside of the swamps are a new phenomenon and the reasons for it are still unknown, it should be expected that boss-level maturities may appear and cause extreme damage. Hunters should be prepared for the worst possible scenarios and carefully choose their gear.

    Happy hunting to those brave colonists helping to repel these threats and help keep Chugs and Ithaca safe!


  2. Mindark and their eternal bugs which cost real money to players for nothing.
    I have nothing better to say, and always the same message since over 16 years,
    YOUR BUGS ARE PERSISTING and are costing us money we should not pay!

    Description : I "eated" a "lahar swamp inoculation" pill, to be able to hunt in the calamusoid swamp area. Everything worked fine, then I volontarily let myself die to go back faster to the revival. Which made me understand I lost the 5h pill effect. So I eated another pill, I received the effect and jumped but died where I SHOULD NOT.
    So since that's always the same story with mindark and their systematic bugs they never fix (easy money), I decided to record a video, that I show here. I eated another pill again, we see me get the effect and arrive in the swamp with the 3 messages, anyway I die.

    Nothing else to say, for the 150,000 time !
    MORE THAN PISSED, FIX YOUR BUGS mindark ! And give me back the money you stole me, swedish THIEVES !

    In the mindark swedish tradition to scam the players since over 17 years!
  3. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    This may not be a bug. Isn't there a quest or something you have to do first?
  4. Lahar swamp inoculation never worked at the medusa swamp for me :)
    Lahar pill for lahar swamp, medusa pill for medusa swamp
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    it looked like he was beat up by something invisible? what did the death message say? "you were killed by the angry (what?)"
  6. As explained, everything worked fine when I first entered the area.
    You can see I am at L2 on codex, that I fully did when I first came there.

    I died in purpose and saw it was a mistake (classic mindark scam features) and I lost the 5h effect.
    But then the next 1st and 2nd pill I took did not work anymore, explaining why I did this video,
    again classic mindark scam features with so classic "bugs" that look like real features so often they happen.

    In the mindark tradition of excellence..... please STF and fix your bugs THIEVES !
  7. Well, a friend just told me there is a special pill for medusa swamp,
    so i just dont understand how i could have the good pill if all others were wrong...
    I will not do a support case, I KNOW THEIR BS answers by heart.

    The same day I had 10 times in a row 25% heals when i was just standing and not moving.
    You can check your super logs, i am not a liar, compared to you
    => Old Mindark support answer "we see nothing odd in our logs" = they did not bother to check,
    and close your support case even you know they are fucking liars.
    And as told in a previous thread, a feature which have no sense today, so much we run like fucking snails...
    ALL players should ask this 17 year disgusting feature to be removed.
    Easy money for dishonnest swedish game makers, dont you think MR Super Integrity CEO ?

    2020-09-18 11:24:08 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:24:11 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:24:47 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:24:51 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:24:54 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:24:57 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:25:15 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:25:18 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:25:22 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-18 11:25:38 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving

    and today hunting scorias I had a double ninja on my back which is CLEARLY a mindark exploit. With 50% return less decays is near 40%, where is the 95% back you advertise mindark ? There is no rule for liars ?
    No need tp wonder why MR integrity CEO refused to all players to hold the camera turned like it used to be before.
    New MA = kings of exploits.

    So... even if my video is wrong, that doesnt mean that mindark is not stealing me/us money with all their cheats and scam features...

    Scammers, IN JAIL !
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2020
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I just had an amusing thought... one day Akbar cleans his keyboard and suddenly the bugs go away!

    (I'm kidding of course - just thought it would be funny if a stuck key were to blame for years of difficulties)
  9. if it doesn't work, then you play it wrong.
    try harder, then it will work.
    adopt, it's dynamic. :bigsmile:

    (c) your uber of choice

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