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Buying 2 Hero's swords! (Maybe interested in 1Archon or Philosopher's Sword)

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by XeroX, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I want to buy 2 Hero's swords.
    I will take the best price I can get so all offers are welcome! :)
    Just PM me with the best price you can offer.

    I am also considering buying a Philosopher's sword for my melee skilling untill I reach the Hero's level. ^^
    As the title says I might consider an Archon's sword but that would need a really good price as I am far away from that melee level.
    I would prefer to buy directly from a crafter and I can come over to NI for the trade and some Ancient Greece exploring. ;)
  2. Still looking for swords. :sneaky:
  3. Looking for 2 Hero swords!
  4. bumpage
  5. Still looking for 2 Hero swords... :sleep:
  6. Hero Swords seem to be hard to come across....3 well some auctions ending soon... maybe I'll have more luck this time. ^^
  7. well, i have a Blueprint for Hero Swords, i will click it soon as i get the requested materials, maybe u still interess :)

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