Buy some Next Island looted crystals/stones

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by Enjoy, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    in order to take a screenshot of every Next Island crystals (refined and unrefined), i d like to buy 1 of the following crystals :
    Unrefined crystals/stones :
    carnelian stone, emerald, iolite crystal, jade, onyx, opale, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise
    Refined crystals :
    carnelian, iolite, jade, onyx, opal, tourmaline, turquoise
    And from last vu i know that we are all looking after the Time Travel Crystals !!
    Thanks in advance
    Hope we ll be able to work together:)
    Have a nice day/night
  2. Thanks a lot !! to "Calin Archman Hungwell" for his help ingame with providing me :
    * aegirine, agrellite, ammolite and agate refined crystals
    * aegirine and agrellite unrefined crystals
    The list of the crystals i still do need to take the screenies of NI native cystals is updated now.
    Have a nice day
  3. Thanks to those who helped me with selling me some unrefined crystals, the list of the ones i still miss is updated now.
    I know that some people do have in their storage unrefined crystals that have not been refined yet, please do it! maube those refined crystalss are the ones needed to open the time travel! (The list of the non yet refined crystals is in Lee's thread : "NIcrystals List".
    Have a nice day.
    Please even if you don't want to sell even 1 or 2 crystals from your stockpiles, can you share with use the infos about from which mob they do drop?
  4. Thanks to "Jaivako ur4life Cyberstar" ! who did accept to sell me 1 unrefined emerald crystal, which i did refine btw.
    The list of the crystals i m still missing is updated now.
    Let's hope next vu will bring us the Time travel!!
    Have a nice day/night
  5. Thank You to "David Fractal Fractal" who did provide me 2 unrefined chysoberyl crystals !!
    The list of the crystals i m still looking after is updated.
    It's really hard to find people who accept to sell me those crystals, so don't hesitate to call me on forum or on next Island if you can help me.
    Thanks again David :)
    Have a nice day/night on Next Island everybody !
    Enjoy :)
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