Brothers: A Tale of Two Joypads

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    So a little while ago I got set up with a friend to replay Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. We were going to use joypads till we realised that control only works with a single pad. :'(

    Now, there are plenty of solutions out there that involve lots of installing and fiddling with third party software to remap or emulate stuff and what not but TBH I didn't feel like installing more crap and mucking around for ages creating or downloading game profiles and already had some code sitting around in PECS that could be reworked for the job.

    So I knocked this up a couple of weeks ago one evening and finally got round to publishing it today.

    The idea with this is that it is a single exe solution that doesn't need anything installing and (hopefully) should "just work".

    If anyone has the game and a couple of joypads. I'd be interested in any feedback they could give on if there is anything that could be improved to help with the "just work" aim (it almost certainly won't - there is always something that is different when it comes to PCs and my setup* isn't exactly orthodox).

    Hope this helps someone

    * I have 2 PS3 controllers working wirelessly via bluetooth and emulating Xbox controllers using SCP Toolkit (which is awesome btw)
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