BREAKING NEWS: FPC & SEE Virtual Worlds Join Forces

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by NotAdmin, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Why I made my post about what I think will happen with SEE and FPC is the name SEE Digital STUDIO.
    This suggests to me that they will be building the planets under contract from some other company (that will be SEE Virtual Worlds from the USA). It is usually a game studio that builds a game for another company, the one with the big bucks. And because SEE DS and FPC are in the same building it is very likely that some how they will be using the same people (why shouldn't they use people that have years of experience). So the controversy will be that ALL people working at FPC will be fired and rehired at SEE DS (speculation of course !)

    Yes PCF will probably change more to, although the name would be weird it it is going to be for multiple planets, so yes we might get a new forum with sub-forums for all planets.
    But to be honest everything they do with PCF is not as shocking as the sale from NeoMaven to FPC, so for me there is no controversy in that, unless they delete the database and start from scratch.
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    Oh, I think I may have misread your post RAZER, because I happen to agree with what you just said ... and actually something I said myself (maybe it was in a post at PCF) ... that FPC personnel will transition to SDS, and maybe not necessarily be fired and rehired ... companies take over companies, so it's really nothing new, just a transition. I also said somewhere the SDS is most likely a subsidiary now of SEE Virtual Worlds who are actually located in the US, and will be the development branch of SEE for the planets.

    So I guess we were actually saying the same thing. :)
  3. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Looks like we do ;)
  4. SEE has done Star Trek related stuff before and movie related stuff... lots of potential there to see massive increase in content of EU, and in the appeal to the masses. Maybe the hold off on hangers is in place because hanger owners will eventually all get their own Star Trek Enterprise? Of course, not sure I'd want to be the boat owner that ends up with Titanic.
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Damn I didn't buy one when they where 30k PED :banghead:
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Ok so this is fun. Dug a little further and came across this:

    LOS ANGELES, CA (000) 000-0000

    LOS ANGELES, CA (000) 000-0000


    It is from a register of US companies (Find new business listings nationwide) (not the official one I think and I did a search on SEE Virtual and came up with the 3 entries above.

    The SEE VIRTUAL WORLD MJ, LLC one kinda supports the fact that they make different companies for different planets (MJ for Michael Jackson). I'm pretty sure that when the Universal planets comes closer there will be a new company to.

    I wonder what the consulting one does.
  7. What i find controversial is that this is definite proof that not all planet partners are equal, neither will they ever be.
    SEE gets FPC, aka the people that actually designed the whole game and know the inner workings of everything, the ones that physically stand in the same office space with the administrators of the universe (MA), meaning that they have a huge advantage over all other planet partners.
    Think about it. Neverdie (personal opinions about him can stay in other threads) stated that they actually DON'T KNOW what's in the update, because due to the time zone difference they have no way of knowing when the last server sync was, what is working and what is not. The problems of that can be seen in the launch of NI, where mobs were missing for one day till the next update.
    In the case of SEE/PCF, all they have to do is raise their voice and ask for a server sync, and if there's a bug after the VU another small patch follows immediately afterwards.

    In other words, if you are a planet partner but not SEE you are royally *blip*ed.
    Next island looks and feels way better than i expected, surpassing PCF's designs by a margin, even with its number of bugs. Planet Arkadia and Planet Cyrene promise to take the game to a whole new level, both in story and visuals, but what good is all that if you’re always a BIG step behind the competition?

    I hope that in some magical way, things will turn out way different than the above.
  8. NotAdmin

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    The initial post has been updated with some additional info uncovered by RAZER and Tass, providing what we feel is additional proof that SEE bought the rights to Calypso.
  9. Well that pretty much confirms it, I guess they will have several different companies running each planet and have the main SEE company just charge fees to each planets division so if one planet isn't doing so well they can just wind down that one company without the other planets having to fund the losses. Quite clever really.
  10. Good detective work by all involved. The above quote was the definite confirmation I was looking for.

  11. Not sure if good or bad...
    Overall opinion.... It's all about Marco.... ...............................
  12. MindStar9

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    Not sure what you mean it's all about Marco, Hon ... care to elaborate? :)
  13. narfi

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    I think what Casey meant was that it would appear that Marco has a finger in each of the pies.

  14. Nope.... we'll see..... ok.. bad pun... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    Narfi is stating the obvious.. it is obvious right?
  15. MindStar9

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    Well, I asked because it wasn't obvious to me what you were referring to ... could have been anything, but I get it now.
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  16. Thanks EP staff for all the research and information you have put forth concerning this article. Just wanted to let you all know on both fronts (EP and CPF) that I really do appreciate all the work you put into these news updates and articles. Oh and all the effort you put into keeping the community well informed.
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  17. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Thanks a lot for the nice words and for the support. It means the UNIVERSE to us, that people appriciate what we're doing. we have a great E-Team and they are always online, trying to do their best for the community in different ways.

  18. MindStar9

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    Thank you Jarman, it means a lot ... and thank you also for your support at PCF. Our intentions are always honorable in our efforts to keep the community informed, and the E-Team works hard to make it happen.

    Happy Holidays Hon! :)
  19. You are very welcome, I am always ready to support the honorable actions of others.

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  20. Couldn't have said it better.. yep it means a lot! :)
    Rock onward you guys . you have a great team here :)
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