BP trojan breastplate !!!

Discussion in 'Items' started by Liu, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Liu


    Got to do a crafting run after the VU, and there it was, between the bearings of the crafting machine !!!!

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  2. GZ :)

    can I ask what it takes ? ... as I see ur comment in chat :D
  3. Congratz on the discovery :)
  4. Liu


    I left it on purpose on the screen :D

    The bp is at the auction for everyone to take a look and to find a new owner :)
  5. Liu


    Well, i tried to craft the breastplate, and to my biggest surprise i got a gift for creon in stead of an armor part. Anyone does have idea of what i am supposed to do with that ?! One is at the auction atm.

    But this bug is really a shame ! One more -_-
  6. I have already crafted several Trojan Breastplates et never got any gift :)
    I must try to craft some more...
  7. Liu


    I made several tries and only git gifts, not a single armor part . Really upset about it actually....same as the bp qr not raisong and displaying in the book as a L bp with one clic left and on the machine showing off as a regular bp...
  8. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Hi guys, I have just replicated this issue and we're looking into right now!
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  9. It might be that "the gift for Creon" is more useful and valuable than a Trojan Breastplate. If I had this gift I would try to see whether Creon likes it, now or at a later date ;)

    Regarding the wrong indication given by the blueprint book, this is not a Next Island specific issue. It is the same problem with ROCKtropia blueprint books mixing limited and unlimited blueprints.
  10. Strange...

    Is there a secret behind the manufacture of Trojan Breastplates?
  11. Liu


    Creon doesnt give a......snack about it atm, tried it already last night.
    Seems like a plain useless item. Get yours quickly at the auction :D
  12. Meanwhile I was able to craft several "gifts for Creon".

    In my experience, these gifts are only obtained under certain conditions but I made too few attempts to be sure though.
  13. Liu


    Well,, got them on near success in quantity...
  14. If you want to obtain Gifts for Creon, what would you choose to do?


    For example, would you decide to manufacture Male, or Female Trojan Breastplates?
  15. Liu


    I did female all the time, as i was crafting for myself.
  16. I am confused with this thread, what are "Gifts for Creon"?
  17. Liu


    Hahaha if we only knew :D

    You can still purchase one on auction made with my own hands ;)
  18. I mean is it an item? Have a pic?
  19. Yes its an item, looks like a small lunch container :) Cant do screenshot atm however.
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