BIG Industries Rewards Grinder 3000+ Points

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    Over 3000 Rewards Points Per Week!

    Register for this weeks event on Entropia Life Today!

    Weekly Prizes:
    Most Hunting Globals: 1000 Rewards Points
    Most Mining Globals: 1000 Rewards Points
    2nd Most Hunting Globals: 400 Rewards Points
    2nd Most Mining Globals: 400 Rewards Points
    3rd Most Hunting Globals: 100 Rewards Points
    3rd Most Mining Globals 100 Rewards Points
    4th Most Hunting Globals: 50 Rewards Points
    4th Most Mining Globals: 50 Rewards Points
    5th Most Hunting Globals: 25 Rewards Points
    5th Most Mining Globals: 25 Rewards Points

    What are Rewards Points?

    Rewards points are gained for every global on BIG Industries lands and are redeemable for PEDS, real world gift cards and gaming gear!

    Activate the BIG Industries Rewards Plugin on Entropia Life today to see all the options available!

    Points and Prizes Available on All BIG Industries Land Areas:
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