Best Signatures and Avatars

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by DraicKin, Aug 13, 2007.


Please vote for the winner!

Poll closed Sep 11, 2007.
  1. Suncatch

    3 vote(s)
  2. Phoenix

    4 vote(s)
  3. Draickin

    2 vote(s)
  4. Burgerman

    2 vote(s)
  5. Stratos

    2 vote(s)
  1. Hmm.. permissions did seem a little screwed up for some reason :(

    Please try again Bunny hopfully you can have whatever sig you choose now.
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  3. Hmmm...:rolleyes::D
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  4. Come on m8s what are you waiting for ? We already have 8 competitors come on! we need more to participate ;) Don't be is free and the winner will have a prize ---> +300 rep <--- by Phunksta ;) Then we will have a poll and everyone will give their marks for the top five of the forum ;)
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    All of them?Do you mean you and me have?By "we" do you mean you and me?:-) Really.
    free and the winner will have a prize ---> +300 rep <--- by Phunksta smile Then we will have a poll and everyone will give their marks for the top five of the forum is?
  6. This is it m8s the time has come ;P I will give my marks only to the ones that i think their Avatars and signatures are nice...(some of them of course they didn't compete ;P ) so here are my marks: First grade is Avatar sec is Signature
    • Ben Soliost : 9 - 10 --> Really nice Avatar from Eu and a little bit edited. Perfect made signature 10+
    • Bullet : 9 - 8 --> Nice editing in Avatar Bullet also great sign!
    • Bunny : 8 - 9 --> Nice Eu Avatar and nice tower Signature :D!
    • Burgerman : 8 - :( --> Really nice Avatar Burgerman!
    • cantbe : 8 - :( --> Nice Avatar from Eu!
    • Erach : 8 - 7 --> Great Ava and simple but good sign!
    • Ice : 8 - :( --> Nice Avatar Ice!
    • itto : 8 - 10 --> Nive Avatar from Eu and Great Signature wise words!
    • jaw-production : 10 - :( --> Cutie Guppy edited with Eu Nice work and Avatar ;) But yet no signature :(
    • klodvig : 9 - 10 --> Really nice Avatar and perfect signature!
    • Ludde : 8 - 4 --> Nice Avatar from Eu but too simple signature
    • Mora : :( - 9 --> No Avatar :( Clever sign!
    • Phoenix : 9 - 9 --> Great Avatar And very nice sign!
    • Phunksta : 8 - 9 --> Nice Eu Avatar and funny signature!
    • Red Sonia : 7 - 9 --> Simple Avatar but nice one and great globals signature!
    • Shadow : 8 - :( --> Great Avatar!
    • Shamy : 10 - 10 --> Perfect edited Avatar and awesome sign Gratz Shamy !!!
    • Shearer : 9 - 9 --> hehe Nice Eu Sign from hof's!
    • slartybartfass : 10 - 9 --> Perfect Eu Avatar with showing the blowing gun ;P and really great signature!
    • Stratos : 9 - 10 --> Really nice Avatar and great Signature!
    • Suncatch : 9 - 10 --> Nice shield and perfect signature!
    • UnaAlconbury : 9 - 10 --> Great shot taken in avatar and hehe really nice signature m8!
    Well thats all m8s now it your turn to give marks...Count me in too cause I am not in the list...
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  7. I only flight short over the posts , i have really no clue if i have to do something for the competition ,
    but i like the olympic idea:D
    so count me in plz.:surprise:
  8. kk Stratos Thx m8... You can also give your marks for everyone now ;)
  9. Ok evenryone seems a little backward in coming forward ;)
    So, here are my nominations for a shortlist:

    • Phoenix - I've always liked his manga art style ava since the day he posted it.
    • Burgerman - It's the only EU screenie ava I'e seen with a nice smile
    • Draikin - Another nice manga art type of ava
    • Suncatch - great custom graphics from the artist responsible for EuC's great looks
    • Jaw-production - great custom graphics from his render movies - I'm looking forward to seeing the animated version!

    I reckon if we can get a shortlist for a poll then we have a good start to the competition!
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  10. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    DraicKin's way of points seem a little too complex for me (Blabberbot's Quotes anywhere?) so I will follow Phunksta's way and post my TOP 10 (err 11, sorry). I believe it's the only way for a poll to be made afterwards. So here they are in alphabetical order (as I saw them in Member list):
    • Ben Soliost: A great work in photo editing which I admire both for his Avatar and his Signature
    • Burgerman: A great smile, indeed :o
    • DraicKin: Awesome Avatar (wtg Vince ;)) and wonderful Signature
    • Ice: I love her Avatar, what more can I say? ;)
    • Jaw-Production: Totally agree with Phunksta on your Avatar Jaw :D
    • Klodvig: Nice Avatar and a wise Signature
    • Phunksta: A serious Avatar and a practical Signature (even though I don't know what a WD 40 is... :-P)
    • Shamys: Avatar and Signature simply GREAT!!
    • Stratos: Nice Avatar and very nice edited Signature. Gratz on promoting Champions League, Stratos, in your Signature :)
    • Suncatch: comments... The website speaks for him :D
    • UnaAlconbury: Very nice Avatar (how did you make this expression? :)) and a very clever Signature
    Well, that's it. A big :grouphug: to the rest I haven't added here. No hard feelings ok?
  11. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    As time is short let me do this quickly LOL.

    Sigs........10 Stratos
    9 Suncatch

    Avas.......1o Draickin
    9 Phoenix
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  12. signs :
    10 Suncatch , nice made sig-pic
    9 Bunny , for the always up to date HOF/Global counter and the slogan

    Ava :
    10 Phoenix , not EU i think but looks cool
    9 Draikin , a little dark not EU i think but looks fascinating
    8 Burgerman , for the smile
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  13. August is over and now it is time to make the poll....Sorry everyone else but the ones that posted are Stratos, Phunksta, Bunny, Phoenix and DraicKin...
    I will be nice this time and add those too : jaw-production, Suncatch, Shearer and UnaAlconBury the rest of you... :-\" :-({|= :Beaten: [-( :loco: :evil: :hunter: :locked:(all smiles explain my words)...Ok Phunksta it is ready I think for the poll to begin....
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    And over and now it is time to make the poll is August.
    There is no need to apologize. That's a rather sweeping generalization.Congratulations.Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding.

  15. Seven red rep...No need to try...
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  16. After trying to carefully tot up the scores, and adjusting for different marking schemes, 5 entries stood out distinctly from the rest.

    I've put these in the poll...Please Vote NOW!

    Don't forget the winner receives +300 REP!

    Also, to encourage voting, I have picked a random number, and whoever votes in the turn of that number get's a hidden forum prize of +100 REP

    Happy voting!:ok:
  17. Not sure if I just didn't read thread carefully, but till when does this poll run?
  18. Tomorrow! :)

    "This poll will close on 11-09-2007 at 08:38 PM"
  19. Big Gratz to Phoenix who won on 4 votes! +300 REP to him
    Well deserved in my opinion - gratz to the runners up and everyone else who has a great avatar.
    Also thanks to Draickin for a great poll idea.

    The hidden prize was won by Shamy who voted in my chosen spot. +100 REP to him

    Now everyone go sharpen up their avatars and we'll run the poll again in a month or so!
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  20. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    Thank you everyone very much for your support! :)

    A BIG :grouphug: to you all! :) :) :)
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