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Best mob for cheap (free?) skilling (Drone replacement)

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Lord Daedra, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Hello!
    Little problem here... May be it's bug or something but there are no gazzurdite in drone's loot anymore... (I have not played for several months so may be it's not news for you.)

    What is the most cheap way (or better ask, is any long but free ways?) for skilling hunting professions in EU (for not depositers) for now?

    Some month ago it was Drone (thanks to stable drop of gazzurdite with 127%MU). (It was not ideal solution because of only 9lvl and little hp but it was free way for skilling (free I mean without loosing working capital))

    So I'm looking for another mob and need your help to choose =)

    My lvl is 48.
    My armor is Phantom/Vigi+5B/6A
    My amps are a105/Beast (going to buy Dante)
    My working capital ~2-3k ped.

    I can deposit working capital if needed if exists any good mob which require more working capital. BUT Loosing working capital is loosing fun for me so it will better just quit game and play Fallout again. =) I can invest but only for working capital (which will not decrease on long distances) and not for regular losing money...

    IMHO If I'll continue hunt drone I'll lose my working capital IMHO (without gazzurdite MU).

    My Candidates:

    What mobs have the biggest average loot MU (without rare items, pessimistic strategy)? ( = (sum(loot_tt * loot_MU) / sum(loot_tt))*100% )

    Where are ex. drone hunters now? What do they hunt now? (I hunted mostly drones since 14 lvl Blp Sniper to current 48). I hope, they don't quit the game. =)

    Also I know about profit mobs in pvp4 (I hunted them 1 month) but hard to relax there, PK trying loot me and selfkilling via granades not working for now...

    Thank you for any tips&tricks!
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Good questions. Not sure what the answer is. I remember there was a low level mob on Ark that was worth hunting for the markup on hides but not sure if it's still feasible.
  3. Hi Lord!

    I have the same issue as you. Since gazz was removed (and iron on argos) i'm stuck with nothing I find worth killing. My skills are close to yours so if you find any mob out there that seems worth it plz tell us in this tread :)

    (if I find any i'll let you know)
  4. Maybe you guys can try Oratan Slasher in Arkadia, I personally haven't hunted them because I'm a miner. According to entropedia Oratan Slasher dropping veda stone which has around 120% markup. So it might be a good mob to hunt, the attack type still unknown tho.

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