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Before and after - recreating your Avatar

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Manny, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. So... we get the chance to redo our avatar looks, or at least fine tune a few details that we don't like, as long as we have the patience to use the ooooold and not at all handy avi creation tool.

    Don't have the time to try it yet, but there are a few things i intend to change. What will you change / have changed already?

    Post your Before and After pictures, and the reasons behind the changes :)
  2. LOL I think everyone already knows what my changes will be. :) But will try and take a before and after.
  3. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    I am looking forward to this. Although I doubt I will change from my Elvis look ;) We will see...
  4. Maybe change to demon Elvis, add some red eyes! And maybe when BP's drop you will loot a rhinestone studded pant suit so you can dress him right :)
  5. I have to admit I did some tweaking ...

    I was a little tired of my old hairstyle, so I changed that, and changed my eyebrow color.

    And unlike Softy, I did go a just a little bit bigger! :happylaugh:
  6. Pictures or it didn't happen :)
  7. Hope no one had my problem. I logged off at auction and when I logged in to change my avatar I was in the same spot as another avatar doing the samething I was, and neither of us could move until we were done.
  8. ^^
    your given TWO, YES TWO, chances to change your avatar. If you log in and your "stuck" (i was and I hit cancel) I got a message saying I will have one more op to change my avatar on next log in. I simply moved to a discreet location all alone, made sure I could see myself at all angles and logged out and in again.
    Voila, I had clear view to change my avatar without being obstructed by anything.

    (Note: if you change your avatar the first time, you DO NOT get another chance. You have to decline the first attempt option and then your given a second attempt upon next log in)
  9. My society mate Cherries crashed 3 times yesterday and is still getting the option to change her avatar.
  10. Seems you can postpone the recreation indefinitely - or until MA changes its mind. Hopefully tomorrow i'll have the time and Manny will be.. gently tweaked :D
  11. didn't change much, made mya vatar less fat(last time I did the avatar creation was vu 10 and screen was completely black :)) ) unfortuanetely what I thought was my customary shaved head turned out to be shaved head + pony tail ...found out you shouldn't choose hair styles when in frontal view
  12. I did some changes too....here's the Old and New of Kraganov :)



  13. And at last my turn came :D

    When i first started playing, i had to create my avatar without the ability to hover around and look at it (blame the mouse drivers) or being able to properly see what i was doing due to horribly bad resolution.

    So, nothing really radical here, just wanted to make me look a bit more.. human. More accurate skin and hair color, a bit more width so i don't look like a scarecrow, and a lot of bickering about the limited selection of "normal" hair.

    View attachment 792

    Maybe i'll visit a beautician next and dye my hair lime green or something just for fun :D

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