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Entropia News: Battle Simulator: Format, Objectives, Release and Feedback

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Feb 10, 2017.

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    Battle Simulator

    #3 Format, Objectives, Release and Feedback


    The Battle Simulator will be a platform-wide solo instance in the form of a ‘time trial assault course’. You must destroy all enemies in each level as fast as you can. Prizes are given for completing the course. Additionally, there are extra prizes for climbing to top positions on the weekly leaderboard.

    Although skill-levels are standardized within the Battle Simulator, your Avatar still gains skills via Battle Simulator activities. These skill increases are applied to your Avatar after exiting the simulator instance.


    The Battle Simulator may appeal to a whole new audience of competitive gamers attracted by the prizes and tournaments on offer. Designed for immediate accessibility, all avatars will be able to enter Battle Simulator tournaments immediately and on equal terms with other players.

    This ‘instant-access’ game mode may encourage some players to specialize in the Battle Simulator. Ultimately, this will also contribute to the economy of Entropia Universe as a whole, as the Battle Simulator game mode runs parallel to the existing Real Cash Economy and Avatar progression model.

    Release and Feedback

    On February 28, 2017 the Battle Simulator will be released as a prototype and will still be undergoing development. Your feedback will therefore be a vital part of the development process. Your contributions will be welcomed in the community forums.

    More information will be available soon.



    Further info
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  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    To some extent a good idea. I just wish MA would make one thing perfect before releasing the next one. Unfortunately there's a 15 years tradition of releasing half-baked, unfinished, ill thought through concepts of system, mostly not asked for by the players, mostly disregarding what is available already and mostly totally disrespecting the existing lore and game world, leading to a patchwork of disjunct features, partially overlapping and redundant, with a lack of general direction, always behind and performing worse than the competition, leading to unnecessary complexity not increasing but and hampering the experience. Almost any addition to EU rather feels like a missed chance.

    Hey, you said feedback "will be welcomed in the community forums". Something constructive? Ok...

    Dump the battle simulator, instead implement improvements for the instances system that enables planet partners to develop more exciting experiences, embedded in events and missions chains, fully in line with the planets' lore and settings, increasing the immersion, making solo & team PvE & PvP more diverse, interesting and meaningful.
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  3. Sounds like MMMM ! MindArks-Mini-Mary-Mayhem...as protoype...and it will be forgotten soon, without any real progress

    Or SEE it as "Gauntlet" Mission Update...half ready...forgotten soon...

    Your contributions will be welcomed in the community forums.
    (But we wont reply anyway)

    Amazing ! :'D
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  4. San


    A simulation within a simulation... I don't fully understand it yet and it's way too early to judge. I also don't want to keep latching on the track record of getting stuff finished. Either we'll see or we'll SEE. Maybe they are onto something, though. On several occasions in relevant threads I've been dropping the remark that I see the Cyrene Hub as possible role model for reconciliation of the space pvp malarky.
  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Isn't this pretty much what Cyrene developed? The Arena? An area for people to go head-to-head, regardless of skills and/or equipment?

    The difference being that this sounds like PvE rather than PvP.
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