Bass Monkey?

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by jaivako ur4life cyberstar, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Aint this in NI? or else? someone global this mob today. i am wonder what it look alike and where location?
  2. It could also be one of the new mobs on Rocktropia, they even got sharks now
  3. Hey what is that, is it so hard to come up with mobs that you have to have the same types on different planets? So when are we getting a beat down cops and forum trolls? LOL (don't actually put those in next island, it will be sad)
  4. It's just sick to see how NDS ruin the uniqueness of their two planets with their laziness to create another model for a creature.
    That's their f*cking job after all.... -.-
  5. I want the Forum Trolls, they are fun to beat with a baseball bat wile screaming, "You got any smart ass comments now?". I might be a tad wee bit psychotic, lol :)

    EDIT: XeroX, nothing against what your saying I just wanted to oint out that NDS does not own NI.
  6. Forum Trolls are on Rocktropia, not Next Island to my knowledge.

    Just clarifying.
  7. LOL I could probably think of a few names that your thinking of while your bashing in their heads. But no, leave them over there :)
  8. I have to admit that's one of the smarter names for a mob EVER - makes me want to get over there just to kill a few
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