Balancing Booboo (?) Bothers Buyers

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by NotAdmin, Feb 23, 2011.

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  2. This is all getting pretty silly.

    The funny things is that for years ND has managed to create good hype and PR around himself and Entropia. I know there were people who held grudges against him and some conspiracy theories about the way he obtained CND, but overall he was a respected member of the EU community and the playerbase mostly held a positive opinion of his contribution to the game.

    And now in the last few months this PR and hype specialist managed to get most of the community against him by running his business in an unprofessional manner (some would say unethical). Some argue that there has been a witch-hunt, but surely someone who specializes in PR could have anticipated and adjusted his actions to take the blows instead of making everything even worse for himself.

    The bottom line is that ND and RT are both very unpopular brands in the Calypso community now, and I don't see this as being fixable in the near future. Lets see if they can now get their own playerbase, and not just sponsored trouble makers. What is even worse is that this hurts NI too, surely they thought working with ND would help their brand and not the complete opposite.
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  3. as far as I trust the next CEO of a planet partner saying hangers will hit in feb ... so no I dont trust a single word.

    that damanager is indeed odd character... frankly I think ND wants to revolt to bring more players
  4. NotAdmin

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    Well. My problem is more that ND has a history of... stretching the truth.

    I do not personally know Marco, but I have interacted with him in the past, on numerous occassions and I honestly, truly believe that Marco is someone who loves gaming, and who wants the very best for EU. I feel as if at times he has been forced into particular corners that he had to talk his way out of somehow, despite knowing in advance he did not stand an honest chance at getting out unscathed.

    I have no problem believing that Marco was promised the hangars would be back in February. I also have no problem believing that MindArk truly believed they could make good on that promise.

    The one thing that I cannot understand is why they do not simply fess up as to what went wrong, apologize, and promise to try harder next time. We're all human. We all make mistakes. We're all at times forced to come back to earlier promises. Being able to stand up, admit we underestimated, that we were wrong, that we made mistakes. That's nothing anyone would hold against us, as long as we'd promise to learn from those mistakes, and as long as people could see the true will to improve afterwards. Even if mistakes happen again, as long as the communication is open and honest, and improvements are made, no loyal customer would even give it a moment's thought.

    However, lack of communication, and refusal to admit a mistake (including financial compensations for mistakes made), and an apparent failure to improve eventually leads to what we see now.

    And that is just plain sad for such a great potential. Keep your heads up, though. Things *WILL* change for the better.
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  5. NotAdmin

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    Just read that apparently on ROCKTropia there's a bugged mission that allows avatars to repeatedly skill up Stamina, and that it is already actively being abused by people.

    Tip: If you go and abuse such a thing, while you could logically deduct this is a bug, you might just end up eating a ban over it.
  6. RAZER

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    I think this is again a great lesson for the next PP tp learn and so far my hope are very high that they will do a better job, but we will have to wait untill May the second to find out
  7. Larkin

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    The word on the street is that a lot of UU were over there exploiting it. To be honest, they should be banned for it for knowingly exploiting a bug. Will they be? No, of course not. Ubers are above the law in this game nowadays. Prove me wrong MA!

  8. Wait... what? :headscratch:

    Did I miss a launch date announcement somewhere?
  9. MindStar9

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    I was about to ask the same question ... so what's up RAZER? :)
  10. I'm guessing that that was his "guess the launch date" submission...but I'm too lazy to look it up. :P

    EDIT: ok, curiosity got the best of me and I can confirm that his guess is May 2nd
  11. Neuromancer

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    I'm baffled and bewildered. A benign balancing booboo is basically bothersome, but belligerently bad balancing becomes (un)bearable bull#&(t.
  12. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    lol, yes that's indeed my entry for the guess the date entry. Pretty funny to see the reactions though :)
  13. Was the scanner something there is a blueprint for? I don't craft tools much and have not checked Bob the Builder's site on that issue yet...

    If so, WHY DID IT SHOW UP IN HUNTING LOOT?!?!? Every crafter in game should be demanding an explanation if that is what really happened...

    If it was just a rare drop that normally comes from hunting - it would not be as serious of a problem... but this is right up there with the sweat that was mined if it is a crafted item.

    It means the entire database is completely screwed up, and they are letting way too many mistakes happen right now. Why even have any professions if the other professions can loot stuff from another profession? Means skills have even less purpose...

    Of course, I guess since iron comes from argonauts, that sort of issue is really not much of an issue???... still always wondered why the miners never raised an issue with that many years back.
  14. Bugs are simply programming code that is running the way it was programmed, but with a result or side effect the programmer may not have originally intended. The problem is the entire game is buggy as heck, and if the bug ends up benefiting the folks running the game, they will consider it to not be a bug, but if it benefits the participants, they will call it a bug... That is one of the biggest problems with this DYNAMIC universe that they keep changing so blasted often. The "real" in the "real cash economy" is gone because of that sort of thing... Different avatars are treated differently. Some may get banned or warnings, but most won't because they don't have a big enough support team to handle the bugs they programmed.... I suspect the coding behind the scenes is nothing but spaghetti go to codes with millions of functions that the programmers that program them don't even totally understand half of the time. That's why stuff that's buggy stays buggy for weeks, months, years.

    A while back at ef/pcf it was posted who exactly the "balancing manager" is... Is it still just one guy? Who is he? Don't have time to search for that old thread - was about a year or two ago I think.
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  15. NotAdmin

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    If I am not mistaking, the "key" balancing guy is named Magnus.
  16. MindStar9

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    Just wanted to point everyone to this post where I have given more "facts" about DAMgr.
  17. RAZER

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    Updated Date: 20-may-2010
    Creation Date: 20-may-2010
    Expiration Date: 20-may-2011

    so how long have they been planning this??
  18. RAZER

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    and look, they have a twitter account as well, might wanna keep an eye on that one as well

  19. MindStar9

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    Looks like he hasn't Tweeted since July last year, and then it was only 2 Tweets, so hasn't been using the service.

    I don't know how long their plans have been in the making with ROCKtropia, but DAMgr approached me last November 18th (on ROCKtropia) for a chat about some possibilities. At the time, I think they were also looking for a missions writer, and since he knew I was a writer, wanted to know if I would ever have any interest in that (I don't).

    ROCKtropia was launched April 6, 2010 I believe, and at the time I met DAMgr on ROCKtropia last November, he was still a newbie I think, so not really sure when he came on the scene. He was very cordial and seemed rather excited about the future of his involvement with NDS and ROCKtropia. Perhaps they will be the big announcement that ND will be making at SXSW March 11- 13.
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