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Available shops, where are they?

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by YAN, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. YAN


    Anyone knows how can I get a shop on Next Island?

    I would like to have one for my small group of faithful followers. :)

    It is kind of sad to see all those abandoned.

    help noobs to help themselves. 8D

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Im sure my statement can be backed, in saying that, shops will be introduced for sale on the in game market. Neverdie (or his company/project managers) will put them for sale and allow bidding. Keep an eye on the market for these to come available!
  3. Hey this brings up an idea.
    How about we create a list of every Islander who wants to buy a shop. See if we can't work something out so we are not bidding against each other if possible.
  4. Sure why not, add me to the list :)
  5. YAN


    Put me on the list as well. :) I was thinking about how to do the same thing.
  6. If the price is right I'll buy a shop.
  7. okay, so far their are four of us in the "merchants guild". So just brain storming here I was thinking something like first bidder(out of the four of us) has bidding rights to that shop, none of us can bid against them. In exchange they can not bid on the next three shops. If the bidding on a shop has gotten higher then a person is willing to pay they can give up their bidding rights on that shop.
  8. Hi,
    If the price is right I'll buy a shop.
    Well talking about the price, looking on Calypso, there are much more shops than persons willing to invest in and run a shop. Some shops are owned by someone, but she or he is not taking care anymore, other shops are still owned by the "Caypso own broker". If a shop shows up in the auction, hardly any bidding takes place, because the people do not want to spent thousands of pets. A shop is a profession as mining, hunting, crafting. The difference is, you spent most of the money initialy and not over time and you spent a lot of time in getting the right stuff for sales and replenishing your shop. The pay back out of the extra margin of the sales hardly compensates for that. I do not want to be negative here, it is just my honest experience with my shop in PA (Port Atlantis Mall Shop, Floor 1 #12 S). The good thing is, that meanwhile the monthly fees are gone, and at least for the timing beeing you can put much more items than only e.g. 60.
    Another way to look at the price is to use a calculation based on shopkeepers. If I own a piece of real estate, an aparment or a small Beach Lodge, I may spent something between a few hundred and a few thousand PED. A shopkeeper goes for around 3000 PED in auction (if it goes). So to have something only close to a shop with 60 items I would have to spent 9000 PED on the shopkeepers only in addition to the real estate. Still I would have some disadvantage, because I am usually in a poor infrastructure.
    My conclusion is, that the first shops on NI will be in a price range of the PA shops .....
    Do I, do you still want to buy a shop??
    Just give it a thought and work out the right startegy for you.
    I am open for comments
    Good luck to you all
  9. judging on the 4000 ped shacks, the shops will be ALOT more..
  10. Yeah no kidding. That was the reason for my stipulation. The land barons and entropia-vestors are gobbling up property at hugely inflated prices right now. You'd figure in 2011 people would have learned to not buy overpriced goods, real estate bubbles bursting and all that jazz. Guess not! :p
  11. The first huts went for significantly less, and you should never underestimate the urge some people have to be the first to own something, and how much they're willing to pay for the privilege...

    Being a first ALWAYS proves the be damaging to the ped card. But where there is NEW items, there is always MORE ped.
  13. Just another thought I'm going to throw out there. A "non competition" agreement between Islander shop keepers.
    On another note, A few of you have expressed concerns that shops will cost more then you are willing to pay. This is a concern of mine as well. In the event that bidding for shops reaches a point that I am not willing to pay I would be interested in a partnership. PM me to work out details if your interested.

    EDIT: Any partnership would include myself and one other, I am not interested in three or four way partnerships. Or at least I don't see much point behind one.
  14. I been wanting to buy a shop myself. I just hope they don't let some big company come in and buy all the shops. Then they will jack up the price. and all the shops and booths will sit empty, like they are now. i been helping new players out of enchanted and serpant. To help get a player base started. I personally don't like the idea that there going to sell on auction. you should sell them to players that play on your planet. By selling them personally. You stop some someone with alot of money buying them all up soon as they hit auction. Player owned shops will help get a market going and help build a buyer seller base which means less money in your pocket at first but every player that decides to stay and play will put money into your pockets over time.
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  15. I agree with you completly. Let us loyal Islanders have first shot at those shops. And I'm not asking for a hand out, I am prepared to pay a fair price. I just don't want to see the shops get bought by someone who will let them sit empty.
  16. I'm all with Greyfox here. I 've been thinking about having a shop there in NI too. It's clear that something is needed to get the economy jump-started, shop for a reasonable price are one of the best ways to do that.
    Also, they should not have upkeep, which I thought didn't exist anymore, but the estates at ND Suites seemed to have it still. Did I see wrong?
  17. the no rent thing was an fpc/see decision not MA so it does not effect any of the other planets
  18. Can those interested provide the amount they are willing to spend. That way I can decide if I want to buy 1 outright or form a partnership with those willing.
  19. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    It would be great once estates go on sale for those in the NI community to get them.

    Currently if you are watching the shop/estate sales for ROCKtropia going on now. It seems like the same 3 or 4 people are max bidding them all. I also heard someone say before I left that from the first few sales, I think one society owns all that have sold so far... I would hate to see that happen here.
  20. Well looks like our fears of a reseller buying those shops just to let them sit empty might come true. As of this post Magyar and I hold high bid against a reseller on two of the three shops. Really would have preferred if this was done in a private auction open to Islanders and respectable shop keepers/traders from other planets only.

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