[Auction] Starkhov AS-129

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bloodstar, May 27, 2008.

  1. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    [Auction] Starkhov AS-129***SOLD***


    I have had if for about 30 days or so and I got a 1.3k Hof my first day with it :D So it brings good luck hehe

    I am selling it because of recent investment offers in-game...

    I bought it for TT+8k so lets make that the start bid!

    Start Bid: TT+8k
    Min Bid increment: 50 ped
    Buyout: TT+8.3k

    The auction will end 48 hours after the first bid/last bid has been made.

    Entropedia Info about the Starkhov AS-129 HERE

    With a Dante amp this weapon pumps out 79 damage per second at max. The dante overamps the gun but only looses 2 points but does give more eco and damage pec wise. This is as close to an uber weapon I have ever owned and I love it!

    So make your bid and hope to be on top! You can also PM me buyout offers if you wish! Items+peds, peds+items ;)

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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    From the entropedia site,
    "It is believed that some robots actually collect AS-129 as trophies over mankind's futile attempts to bring down the machines. "

    Don't let TalkerBot get her claws on this nice rifle!!! hehe
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  3. TT+8k...holy ¤%%

    Last time i owned an AS it was like 2oopeds
    Guess that was "before the war"
    Nice gun though!!

    Sorry for messing your auc thread
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  4. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    "Last time i owned an AS it was like 2oopeds" by Itto

    Guess who bought it :hehe:
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  5. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    The in-game marketing graph tells people that the last one sold for around TT+7.1k but all private trades that I know of in the past 2 months(6+ trades) are TT+7.9k to TT+8.5k.

    I am not out to make a profit on this weapon. I am selling it for the same price I bought it! Sure I can wait 1-5 months and sell it for higher or even keep it and forget other business ventures but I really...really want to invest in this thing that I got offered to me!

    Well a bumpage hehe
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  6. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    ...is this a bump? neee could not be! ...or what?
  7. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I think Itto's rifle was an AS-98 which has always been cheaper than the 129.

    * Bump *
  8. hmm Mr Burgerman says I'm senile...maybe he is right :rolleyes:

    Anyway..here is a Bump for the AS-129
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  9. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    hehe Well of course you may have owned other Starkovs, I just remember the one Bunny bought being a 98. :D

    Another free bump. :)
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  10. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    You are right Burgerman. It was a Starkhov AS-98, but even it sold for over 1K peds. So inflation has surely gripped EU.
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  11. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    I put the weapon into the AH system in-game. But if anyone offers here they have priority and I will take it out of in-game auction.

    SB: TT+8k
    Buyout: TT+8.3k

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  12. Bloodstar

    Bloodstar Missing You

    The gun sold for TT+8.3k in-game...
    Now I wish I had put more of a pricetag on it because I saw one go for TT+9.5k last night :(
    But I am happy! 300 ped profit is alot more than I thought I´d get so soon! Was not even thinking about getting any kind of profit so I am happy!

    Bought myself a Geotrek Scorpio... and let me tell you... OMFG!!! It´s making me feel so uber you won´t even believe it LOL

    I did a crit of 289!!! That is just...astronomical!!!

    Never again will I talk badly about limited items lol

    I wonder what an UL Scorpio would go for? Equal damage to a Foeripper hmm THE SKY IS FALLING!!!


    Thanks for the bumps guys! Really means alot! :)
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  13. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I reckon you will when the gun breaks and cannot be repaired. :shock:

    (L) weapons would be great if they looted more often or had lower markups, but MA will not even let enough foot guards drop in loots, let alone enough (L) weapons. :confused:
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