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Atrox Time @ OLA 40 & OLA 2

Discussion in 'Calypso Missions and Events' started by nutrageti, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    "Tired of the same old events? Too little time to understand all the rules of others? OLA 2 and LA 40 present to you a new and simple event: ATROX TIME.

    What do you do? It's simple. Register in this thread (post your full avatar name) and go kill the Atrox on these lands. If the last digit of your global coincides with the minute in which you got the global you will get 100 PED.

    Player A killed a creature Atrox Mature with a value of 146 PED at OLA 2 Atrox Paradise at 15:06 MA time = 100 ped for Player A.

    146 = 100 PED if it happens at XX:06; XX:16; XX:26; XX:36; XX:46; XX:56 AM or PM.

    We will track the registered players' globals and times using EntropiaLife.com. We recommend running the EL tracker for accurate times.

    Event managing will be handled by: hitman nutrageti 47.

    We reserve the right to cancel the event and modify the event. All changes will be announced here, on forum, prior to taking effect by at least a day. All prizes won before a modification will of course be handed out.


    Atrox Paradise -OLA02-
    This land area is northwest of Nate Valley TP and contains low maturity Atrox, mainly Young to Provider.

    LA 40, Atrox Valley
    This land area is to the northwest of Akmuul Island TP and contains mid maturity Atrox, mainly Old to Alpha.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

    The event runs from 30th November at 00:01 EU time and without endtime.

    Prizes will be given each sunday at 19h at akmuul tp.

    Wish you all good luck and fun [​IMG],

    Manuel & Nutrageti
  2. Registered so far:
    Rufus deathouse dragon
    Spin Rep Pitt
    Hac McLeod van Cah
    Manny Hogfather Calavera
    Angel Of Shadows
    Sponzorusa Svaba Qrava
    Lady DARCI XXX
    Jay VeNgeNcE Spitzel
    frolic fric dogfood
    sardine23 maya a1
    Muppen Muppis Mupplund
    xo TRAP ox
    Talisker Ironbar Swede
    Killahbee Killer Bee Killahbee
    Fille Ghostman Home
    Cool Buckwild Fly
    Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch
    Travis Fforest Cutter
    the 9tailed fox
    ippo minerguyfin finitto
    Great Dane Escape
    legolas dif garath
    Aadu dRifteR Asi
    Rick Tiberius Cyr
    Vi V3r0nyka Bitfury
    gaetan J4ck3ss cochet
    Gildor Gildor Goldfingers
    Flint Swish Lock
    Herder Sjoerdien Schippertje
    Stuart GAMBLE Gamble
    Andreas Bubba Mayhem
    Test Jqkill Muffin
    Lance Lancer Remington
    Edge Ten O'Reality
    Shane slickmouse Haggerty
    United States Constitution
    The Dude One
    Usurper Adamas Sheridan
    esi essi pessimisti
    Mikhail Stumpik Nagornykh
    Bada bing Johansen
    Iam Hath Hath
    Klodvig Klod Malkord

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  3. I will update this thread once every 2 days :) Feel free to leave me a message ingame for more info and questions :)
  4. Updated Scoreboard :)
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Look at that, an Atrox Card :)

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2014
  6. that's new :D Looks pretty good :D
  7. Still on, if yes pls register me
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    That event might be over now :) But creature cards! An idea we could revisit :)

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