Atrax Stacker l 20 Globals=100 PED

Discussion in 'BIG Industries events' started by Meculus, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. BIG Industries Presents:

    For every 20 globals you get on OLA7 Atrax Beach you get an extra 100 PED!!


    Coords: (252,359)
    Tax: 3.90%
    4 Atrax DNA set at Old-Provider


    March 1st 00:01-March 31st 23:59


    Receive 100 PED for every 20 globals you complete by the end of the month!!

    Example: 20 Globals = 100 PED, 40 Globals = 200 PED, 100 Globals = 500 PED etc.


    Register HERE on Entropia Tracker for this event!!!
    You can still register after event has begun and your globals on OLA 07 retroactively count.

    Join our weekly in game events for extra prizes while you work towards your monthly bonus and your quests!!

  2. reserved,,,
  3. Congratulations to this Sunday's winners!

    1st place: Kai Shadow BlackWolf
    2nd place: Bobby Skankinbob Deluxe
    3rd place: Cute Baby Puppy
  4. Congratulations to this Sunday's winners!

    1st place: Laurence fafa2365 Lyaudet
    2nd place: Silver Captian Morgan
    3rd place: Piotr JIIIS Wojtowicz
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