Atrax Beach: The Iron Version (With prizes)

Discussion in 'Entropian Events' started by Einstein, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Einstein

    Einstein King of Atrax Beach

    Dear Atrax Lovers,
    Long overdue, but better late than never! The Iron mission for Atrax has arrived. Weeeeeeee :yay:

    Everyone should get their ass over to Shinook Jungle and activate the mission!

    To make this grind fest a little faster I've decided to let the maturity of the Atrax at Atrax Beach drop to 0. Meaning in a while you will find only Atrax Young with maybe some Mature and Old on the beach ;D

    At the moment the maturity is still higher, alot of Guardian - Dominants - Alpha's, but the maturity will decrease slowly day by day :)

    So far we dont know yet what rewards we will get for finishing the missions ... I hope they will kick ass ...

    To make sure we get to know the rewards asap I offer these prizes.
    To claim the prizes, you should be the first person to post the reward screen and post, depending on the prize, a number of screenies globals on Atrax Beach :)

    100 Atrax killed (+ 1 int) --> 50 PED (1 Global screenie) WON by slither
    500 Atrax killed (+ 1 str) --> 100 ped (2 Global screenies) WON by slither
    1000 Atrax killed (+ 1 psy) --> 250 ped (5 Global screenies) WON by slither
    5000 Atrax Killed --> 500 ped ( 20 Global screenies)
    10000 Atrax Killed --> 1500 ped (50 Global Screenies)

    Valid screenies are to be posted within 24h, location and time stamp should clearly by indicated on the screenie. I will be the final judge of all screenies.
    Screenies can not be used for more than 1 prize.
    Allophyl globals count too.

    Atrax Beach can be found directly south of Omegaton West.
    Atrax Beach has 3 Atrax DNA samples with maxed density and slowly lowering maturity.
    Taxes are at a low 3.9%.

    Good luck everybody!!!!!!!!
  2. Einstein

    Einstein King of Atrax Beach

    2000 ped still up for grabs!!
    Who will be the first to kill 5000 Atrax :o
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