Athenian Head scarf ?

Discussion in 'Items' started by Lucky_A, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Question : is this item's BP reward from a quest ? or a craftin drop only ?

  2. This blueprint is obtained as a reward for Arachne's mission. I suppose you will either get the Athenian tunic blueprint or the headscarf blueprint depending on your answers to Arachne. This is explained here.

    “Arachne is working on a special creation, to show off for the festival of Athene, and our players will have a choice to whether to help her or warn her against hubris, with a different outcome depending on which they pick.”

    My bet is that you get the tunic blueprint if you help Arachne and the headscarf blueprint if you warn her. To be confirmed :)
  3. Thanks for the reply Wang and yes, you're bet is right :) ... got the tunic one and chosed the helping path.

    So, in principle ... you cannot get both, unless u buy the other one. Any ideea if crafting tunics might drop a scarf bp ? :)
  4. Update :

    asked a friend who had not done that mission to help investigate ... the scarf BP is indeed received upon choosing to warn Arachne about the gods upon bringing the requested ingredients.

    The unpleasant surprise however was the BP it self - gender cannot be selected so all u can make is F scarfs. While I can understand the logic of that I have to ask why ? :) why putting such a bp as quest reward ? were there no other clothing BPs to provide that would cover both M and F spectrum ?? ... sometimes I fail to understand the logic on this planet :D

    So, be warned ... those who will go for the scarf BP as quest reward
  5. Pure logic is the ruin of the spirit :)
    -- Saint-Exupery
  6. Liu


    Ahah very nice quote ! This man was a genius !
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