Planet Calypso: As-it-happened Robot News 2

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  1. This is a follow-on from 'As-it-happened Robot News' published a few days ago... The following locations are just some of the others also mentioned in a recent official update where there are yet further robot incursions. Going to each of them in turn, I encountered the following activity that maybe of interest to hunters seeking new looting oportunities.

    Zychion Citadel

    Zychion Citadel is always a good reminder of Calypso's age-old arch enamy, the robots, with its' broken and twisted flyover and strewn rubble and metal everywhere, even though Entropian Municipal Services have obviously been busy revamping the teleporter area - and well, they are still there lurking menacingly in the surrounding grasslands.


    One of them is the L244 Mulciber with it's distinctive grab-claw design. Although far from the smallest electro-mechanical entity in entropia, L244 will imediately tell you that size does not matter where robots are concerned. It is lethal. In one further sentance on the Mulciber, get as many fully kitted-out colonists together that you can with all the firepower you've got because they are that capable, but the loot should be considerable.


    Fort Troy

    In the dense forest areas around Fort Troy on S/E Eudoria you will find the metalic, bipedal L31 Legionnaire Generation 2, as well as some other robot types. They are somewhat easier on a one-on-one basis; although still very formidable and they are there in numbers and have the trend of attacking together.



    At the picturesque location of Minopolis with its' characteristic cottages I encountered the L16 Droka Generation 1 in fairly small numbers; I could not find any other robot types there, even though I had gone a mile or so away from the centre... Mid-level hunters with good armour and weaponry should not find these too much of a challenge, especially as they seem to operate in isolation and not banding together in numbers.


    Cape Corinth

    Cape Corinth is a hive of robot activity at the moment. L18 Steelbird Generation 02's can be found hovering over the open-air shop stalls on the raised platau just east of the teleporter and over the surrounding desert areas, where you will also surely notice one other robotic entity. The immense L68 Vanguard Communicator. It is huge and armed with multiple laser weapons, and if this is not enough, multiple drones of various generations make it fairly difficult to even get to it, but I am sure that any team will get some considerable loot should they win a confrontation with it.


    I hope EP members and readers found this interesting and of some value...


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