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Article: Entropia Vehicle List

Discussion in 'Tutorials, Guides and Help' started by nexus7, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Nice one Nexus :). I do not know about the other vehicles but the Sleipnir MK2 (L) also has greater speed than the MK1 (L) as well as using more fuel. The (UL) version is also different.
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  2. Thx :) You won't believe what I went through to get the vehicle guide up :D. Yes the Mk2 is faster than the Mk1 but I didn't add all the stats (too long...). Haven't seen a (UL) one in the auction, but will add that when I do.
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  3. Thanks - I might buy a pitbull now, was wondering why they are expensive. I am always really puzzled by spacecraft, my ultimate dream is a privateer, but think they will devalue quickly.
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  4. Yer, the pitbull is really good going by what ppl have told me, though I've not had one myself. On the privateer, when I get some stats I'll add that to the list, same for the hoverpod which is an arkadia vehicle...
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  5. I've been told the hoverpod (some info. sent) is excellent underwater, can't wait to try it on Levis. Edit 2 : this will take some practice!
    Edit : forgot, to note, the hoverpod cannot be traded, auctioned or TT'ed @ 0ped. It is currently impossible to remove it from your inventory, once there (being fixed allegedly) and can only be gained thru' the mission, Arkadia, 3017, 1804 - the bartender.
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  6. Thanks for that Boo! Didn't know it could go underwater, seems a great little vehicle.

    Just added the Hoverpod and also the Neteller Buggy to the guide...
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