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Entropia News: Arkadia Moon launched!

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Aug 22, 2018.

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    22 August 2018

    The Arkadia team are proud to announce the launch of Arkadia Moon.

    Make sure you don’t miss out on the surge of activity this week as Entropian's from all over the universe rushes to explore and discover the first hidden secrets on this new moon.

    Featuring cities to explore, hidden caverns, vast areas for mining, new creatures and more the new moon is still open for all Entropian's to invest in. Get hold of some Arkadia Moon Deeds from the Entropia Universe Web Shop while they are still available.

    Your journey into a new part of the Arkadia story is about to begin…

    Arkadia Moon Deeds

    There has never been a better time to purchase deeds than now! Claim your stake in the revenue generated by the Arkadia Moon today and get in at launch by purchasing Arkadia Moon Deeds from the Entropia Universe Web Shop.

    Future Development

    A number of future expansions are already planned and are in development. In the next phase of the moon, we will release a collection of missions dedicated to one of the Arkadia factions. With this a new storyline will unfold.

    The Smuggler faction will also get a new branch of missions, to delve deeper into the underworld of smuggling items between Arkadia and Arkadia Moon.

    The IFN (Imperial Federal Navy) faction will in turn be called upon to secure Arkadia Moon and restrict the activities of the Smugglers and other unknown forces.

    Miners and crafters – we also have something in store for you in the next update of the moon.

    Prepare yourselves. Exciting times ahead.

    See you on the Moon!

  2. lol, how ppl start to go nuts about 3 new empty buildings with no purpose and some new mobs...CND mini domes...a pirate skull in a wall...and FarCry Sandbox Feeling everywhere...for 2.8 mio. dollars. Super x'D
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Please fire whoever wrote the copy for this news post. They're obviously not fit for their job.

    I lolled.
  4. The smuggling would suggest the absense of a safe zone at the moon is intentional.
  5. Funny part about it all is how much Arkadia had to pay MA for that moon. Almost as if it was profitable for them to give MA that much of the cut.
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  6. MA and Arkadia made some $, yes. Hence the low detail and the standard Farcry Scenario.

    When I SEE what other (small) games have to offer as (content) update, this is nothing but a bad joke anymore.
    I would feel ashamed as a planet partner, having to advertise it to the masses (lol, masses).

    And even if Arkadia has some income, because of addicted underground gamblers, you can already feel the silence by MindArk.
    Never in their history, since 2001, they have been this silent...

    ..the silence before the storm...maybe something BIG is coming...BiG, you know...Next Island.. lal, wahahaha x'D. What a farce...

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
  7. McM you are getting slow. You haven't noticed that MA hasn't updated their Mindark/DeepToken domain? They are to expire in little over a month.

    And yes yes, our new high school CEO's DeepToken was a VERY stupid and bad idea. I'm still waiting to see if he runs with the our assets.
  8. BIG in terms of BIG industries...the Next Island Partners...Investors...DeepThroaten died long ago for me ^^
  9. Well there we go, you know I'm a EU supporter but:

    1) Compets was to fail due to MA having no idea what they were getting into and were scammed by the company who created the shit game.
    2) Deeptoken was a joke which I'm guessing the kid CEO is scamming MA someway which at the end could close them down really. (simply put, if there was a 12 million sale the new CEO of MA who is the creator of Deeptokens used our assets and he made a killing off it and will run leaving us with nothing scamming MA big time - we can only hope that there WAS not a sale)

    Most say MA is scamming us, and I am simply saying MA is stupid and is only alive to this day because of gambling which sorry, isn't gambling as SGA states due to the fact we can sale the skills.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
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  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    What makes you so sure that Compets was not fully MAs fault, with the Ukranian company simply doing whatever the Swedish Clownsquad told them to? How is it completely impossible to you that Compet was the wrong game with a wrong design at the wrong time by the wrong company? And now you even state it as if it's an established fact, rather than admitting it's just another theory of yours.

    Just like you assume the deeptoken idea came fully from the new CEO. Why? In their announcement MA stated that they'd been researching crypto coins for years. Is MA lying in their press release? Three years is long before the kid even joined. In fact, the kid joined after NEVERDIE launched his crytpofail. I'd think it's more likely that Timkranss and Ssimmonds simply got greedy, figured that because they researched for all of 2 minutes (comedic exaggeration, they didn't research squat) and thus could call themselves to be experts in the field, and in order to hide their own incompetence, they placed a patsy in the CEO seat. Wrong time, wrong idea, wrong company.

    SEE? Nope, MA got scammed there, too. You even have a picture of a house to prove it.

    The castle? They probably got scammed. Nothing to do with wrong time, wrong idea, wrong company. SCAMMED.

    You keep coming up with excuses as to why MA fails, and somehow it never is MAs fault. You're in denial.

    Oh. And gambling isn't gambling because you can sell skills? I can go to a casino, and win chips. I can sell those chips for money. Wow, must not be gambling.

    The ability to sell skills has anything to do with gambling. Gambling means the deciding factor is determined by chance. Pew pew, shoot a mob. Maybe I get loot, maybe I do not. Drop a mine. Maybe I get loot, maybe I don't. Craft something. Maybe I get loot, maybe I don't. You know. Chance...
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  11. *bam*
  12. Are you sure this isn't your opinion?

    "Service Notes - depreciation

    After the test played Project entropy in the autumn of 2008 makes Lotteriinspektionen currently estimates that the game's general nature does not mean that it is considered as lotteries in lottery law.

    Project entropy is an advanced game and the Gaming Board has not had the opportunity to play and explore all parts. It is possible that there are parts of the game that would be classified as a lottery if they detected. Would Lotteriinspektionen get several tips suggesting that the examination can be resumed

    Johan Rydstedt"
  13. Damn I know you just hate MA and would love to find any conspiracy linked to them.

    Because MA stated what they wanted out of the application telling us all what it would have yet not knowing anything about how to program the application. MA then asked around and this company told MA that it would be very simple to build what they wanted yet they didn't get it. More or less.

    Don't forget that the CEO of MA is the creator of DeepToken and joined MA with this Deeptoken idea just a few months ago. "MA you want to see change? You want to grow? Make me CEO of MA and I will give you DeepTokens which will...." More or less...which yes we can all laugh at. Why red flags for me went up and I still to this day hope there wasn't a 12 million sale. See since he's the creator of Deeptokens he more or less made some great money off such a sale took place. Wait and see if 1) such a sale took place; 2) he leaves MA for some reason.

    I said MA is very stupid, yet if you want to say MA is smart and had this all planned from day one then well.

    And last:

    I hear you totally on this one. But this wasn't from MA stating this, but SGA when I contacted them! THEY SAID this! LOL WTF? yes.LOL
  14. Scared of loosing your investments ?
    Become a beliver, like OZtwo & Spawn...

    MA is an angel !
    An angel, that rapes believers...

    You guys are priceless...keep em coming...

  15. what is funny is we, or at I, don't think that. It's just your issue you seem to have? Not sure but well it's all cool.
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  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Wow, is that an actual quote? You can't determine if a game is gambling by playing it. You determine it by looking at the source code. No slot machine was ever approved by putting some guy behind it for hours, but the selling party will have to show exactly how winnings are generated. If Loterriinspektion simply played the game, their verdict is completely and utterly meaningless. In fact, they're incompetent if this is how they approach things.

    No conspiracy here. Simply assuming Compet was a cockup as per usual MA modus operandi.

    The whole concept of the game sucked. The timing of it sucked. Marketing of the game sucked. The company behind the game has never managed to realistically meet a deadline they set themselves. The quality of whatever they released has always been sub-par. The ideas transformed into the game consistently manage to underwhelm, and are at-best delivered unfinished.

    But yeah, none of the Compet failure falls back on MA in your world. It's all anyone-but-MAs fault. You state below that MA is stupid, yet them fucking this freakshow up somehow couldn't possibly an option in your mind.

    He joined them as a PM. His CV plainly states that was his role in MA before he was made CEO. Why he was made CEO is beyond me, but I'm imagining they want someone out of the MA inner circle jerk (Timkranss and Ssimmonds) to head the company. That's why Klas Moreau was made CEO. You publically put a new face on there, while behind the scenes, nothing really changes and the CEO is basically just a sockpuppet of Timkranss. That way, to an outsider it looks as if the company is somewhat dynamic, while really, it's the same polished turd it's always been, and it gives the company the ability to simply blame someone else for whatever goes wrong this time.
  17. Ya, for sure its ME, having issues here...just me... x'D
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  18. Do I need to reply with a comeback? you said keep em coming?

    McCormick, the cynical naysayer of all time?
    McCormick, all he can do is whine?
    Mccormick where the glass is always empty, not even half-full.
    McCormick, when Oztwo posts he be like a red bull
    McCormick, whose movies and posts used to fun, but now people don't even know who he is ain't that kinda dumb.
    Because he got himself banned from the nazi forum, where the moderators are all bad, better ignore 'em.
    Oztwo and Spawn are the fanboyz, your record is broken, it keeps playing the same tune
    What you say today, you already said in June
    Yeah I like this game, I play it every day
    Doesn't mean you have to roast me, like a member from the KKK
    I'm done, getting outta here, going to Amsterdam Entropia Meetup and have a couple of beers

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  19. There we go, we are on the same page. Some say it was a scam, I say it was MA being stupid following their so called dreams but having no idea how to do it. What is sad here as well is that the Arkadia Team didn't know about the stupid stick to anything bug -- the moon is all hills and most likely a lot of people are getting stuck or falling through. But yes yes, it's not a bug, it's a scam. :)


    FYI I haven't even been to the moon due to yet another bug which MA forgot to put in safe zones in space around Arkadia and the moon -- which will cost MA a lot of money yet it's all a scam to make the pirate rich. :)
  20. Awww Spawn, did I hit a nerve there (again) ?
    If I keep posting about MindArks repetitve stuff, it is not really my fault, is it ?
    I just dont accept it easily, like you do. I go bezerk. :D

    I know, the truth can be hard at times.

    OZTwo started to realize more and more, especailly after the Compet and the Deepthroat-Disaster.
    Hes a little conspirative though, but thats what this forum is about. ;D

    Enjoy your hunt and mining runs, or your shops and Landareas.
    I really have no problem with that. I just dont want to support this company anymore, after so many lies, scams and
    broken promises. But hey, you can keep doing it instead.

    But acting pissed because I often post the truth ? Or is it just because I added lots of salt to it, devalueing your
    precious game..with shops and stuff ?

    Btw.: MindArk always adds sugar to their annoucements, instead of salt. Great recipe.

    Why not set me to ignore, if you cant stand my (MindArks) repetitive crap ?
    You always try your "you was funny once now u suck" theme...what gives ?
    We are in this current situation. Neither I, nor you will change anything. But it can be fun at times.
    Thats what a forum is for...its not all rainbows and unicorns and I decided to be the salty poster. ;D

    So, lets keep roasting each other, like we would be members of the KKK...omg... x'D *lol*

    I promised to post less, so, as everything about the (M)Arkadia M(A)oon disaster has been said, Im out of this thread.
    Next !=)

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