Argus Hangar For Sale by Entropia Holdings

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mmabigshow, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. If you are in the market for prime real estate with a positive revenue stream from day #1, please visit our newest addition to Entropia Holdings.

    All of the details are on that page.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. Good to see your business is starting!:)
    But 4000 PED sounds very optimistic for me as benefit per month.

    Nevertheless, keep on rolling
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  3. I just had some investigations and a close look to the entropiaholdings page. As I said the 4000+ PED revenue is very optimistic. If you leave your presentation of the hangar untouched you are indeed in danger of becoming a not serious person / trader

    Let's assume a flight to CND and back with a full load of people to and fro.
    You sell tickets for total 160PED (20PED per ticket).
    Decay on the ship for the roundtrip is 32PED
    you need 2500 refined oil for the trip at 105% this is 52 PED
    Makes a total profit for a roundtrip of 76PED
    for a 4000PED revenue you will need 54 flights, always full booked. This means you need 1,8 trips per day.
    And most important is the time you need, flying only takes a few seconds. But you have to wait until you have 4 passengers on Calypso and 4 on CND. From the past experience you can wait 2 hours at calypso to find 4 ppl and at CND it could be even longer.
    As a conclusion I can say 4000+PED is possible, no doubts. But than you have to be a full time player online minimum 10 hours a day.

    Don't get me wrong, again it is nothing against your business. But I think it would be fair to mention this at your page, although I know this would lower the chances to sell the hangar.

    (I have my figures from
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  4. The Hangar has been sold.

    I also have a buyer for another Hangar if anyone has one they would like to sell.

    Thank you!
  5. gratz!
    good to see your business is rolling :)
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