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Arcade doesn't always register my score

Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Mora, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Argh. I just played hexxagon and beat potkuris score by one point. After that I got message "your score was not submitted" or something similar. I've experienced this a lot with other games too, and this doesn't occur only when I get highest score.

    I did beat asteroids high score twice before my score was submitted.

    Yea, this ain't important, bugs me a lot though.
  2. :(

    Not good. A hard one to diagnose too :(
    If you're using Internet Exploder, make sure EU-Chronicle is a 'trusted' site, or similar change on the security levels.
    Sometimes cookies etc don't get handled right and this site seems to rely on them a lot.

    In the meantime I'll read the bug lists for the arcade software to see if I can find a report.

    Watch this space...
  3. I thought it was a cookie problem too. I'm using latest firefox.

    I'll go and try to beat some highscores meanwhile.
  4. Possibly this error is due to login session expiring due to 'inactivity' in the forum while you play a game for a long time.

    I've extended the inactivity period to 2 hours, which should cover even the highest score. Hopefully this will sort this problem out.

    If anyone still gets this error please let me know.
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  5. Red Sonia

    Red Sonia Rouge Lady

    I saw the same, and I was no longer logged in.
  6. The problem with scores not submitting on Cube field and some other new games is now fixed - the latest release of the arcade software seems to have done the trick :)
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