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Anyone else got kicked?

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Manny, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. We were just starting a hunt on Island Sharks that seemed to be decent for a change, and then both me and Electra got kicked and are getting the "Servers offline" message.

    Logging in from different ISP's, but from the same city - did the "fix" they promised kitten include kicking all non-ancient Greeks?

    Anyone else or is it personal? :palm:
  2. Servers are back online! Let's go get eaten :p
  3. Seems the sharks ate our loot while we were away :/
  4. madcaz

    madcaz General NBK Legion

    Aaaww pity. Well, you know I got kicked too, so it wasn't personal. I couldn't be arsed going back on as it'd been dodgy all evening. See you tomorrow Manny :)
  5. i got kicked from buccaneer skeleton
  6. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    I think the entire game got kicked... Must have been a big crash. I just know that I had to restart my computer because of it.
  7. that was the second full server kick, out of the 9.5 hrs i've been playing so far today, I have been tp booted 12 times, and booted while hunting 9 times, while farming pirate skellys everything on the page attacked a player, then came for me...... not in group, nowhere even close to aggro range... i've had more 5 in a row no loots on big mobs than i care to write down.... man i hope this changes...... and yes i know i'm a internet game junkie..... but its what this game wants...... right?
  8. I had to stop playing to report, I havent had any bad lag, or havent dropped, but i have been in the same spot farming for a few hrs now...... also a HOF has made my day a little brighter :) but nonetheless the game is currently running alot better in this open/untaxed area
  9. Ironically I'm not having lag. Ironic since the lag issue I've been having for the last month was related to my ISP(slow everywhere, not just here). That gets fixed and everyone else ends up with a problem.
    Gratz on the HOF the Chuck.

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