Price check Antikus UL - Unique 100QR UL BP SET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EwoK, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    Looking for some idea of a reasonable price for this unique 100QR armour BP set. Originally purchased (with Arkoins) from the 1st Arkoin Auction.

    They produced one of, if not the most, popular armour set we ever sold over our years of operation - it sold very well on both Arkadia and Calypso.

    They will, eventually, only be sold as a set, not individually. Please PM me or post here if you are interested.

    * FYI - we're only interested in selling them for straight PED - no item/Arkoin/AUD/AMD/CLD exchanges will be considered.

    * As a lot of people will no doubt know, or have figured out by now, SFE has finally decided to wind up its EU business operations. After so many years of trying to run both an RL business and one in Entropia, we had to admit it is just not possible if one wishes to do right by one's customers (both real and virtual) and also manage to retain physical and mental health and stable relationships.

    As such, we have already sold our Calypso shops and our Celeste Quarry booth and have only our main shop (and apartments) in Sanctuary Cove left ( I can't remember if we have sold the FOMA shop yet or not!) - this will also go up for sale once we have sorted everything else out and reduced our remaining armour stocks to nil, or as close to nil as possible before we auction/TT what is left.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I have no idea on prices, but two names that come to mind are Auktuma (obviously) and Legends. Both are great guys, Auktuma was always a legend in my mind and Legends was relatively new when I was winding down, but always dealt fairly and friendly with me.

    As far as your decision, it is a hard one, and I am sure different for each person. If at all like me you will always miss it and remember the good times with fondness while realizing how much fuller you were able to make your real life with the new focus and time.

    However you proceed, wherever you go, I wish you luck and happiness!
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  3. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    Hi Narfi! Yep, ups and downs like everything else, but running a business in EU certainly did teach us all a lot of things that we have been able to apply IRL business as, for that, I will always be grateful of the time spent.

    Yep, I had a couple of interactions with Auktuma over the years and he always seemed a decent enough chap. Not heard of Legends so will have to look them up. Thanks for the tips. All the best!
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

  5. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    ah ok, nice...Looks like he's providing a good armour service. Glad someone is still doing so, now that we aren't around anymore.
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  6. EwoK

    EwoK Southern Fortress Engineering

    So, no one has any ideas?
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