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Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Hulyss Bowman, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Hello members of Entropia planets ! Not connected since ages, not played PE since years too because you know...


    Every time I dive into those texts and video I'm flooded by nostalgia, the desire to rediscover it like it was. I'm not alone I know and many ppl give up on this. I don't. I see that many still play EU because they have enough incomes to have fun in it. I don't. So in spring 2015 I took the decision to build my own vision of this forgotten game. Many tried, some have already made some kind of weird "ersatz" of it with dumb community ... Some have invested enormous amount of money to succeed...
    but none came even close to the original mood.
    Yes it is hard. But alone, and with a lot of time, passion and dedication, I manage to carve my way trough the process. I'm not able to code everything because a man alone in this is synonym to fail.
    I'm not a company, I just do it on my free time. If some of you can help me you are welcome, I can provide the tools. I found it very hard to find a partner in this venture. The first one told me "you do not know the application you'll never be able to carve a landscape". I did, the guy vanished. The second one told me "It is so big you'll never be able to texture it". I did. He told me also "you'll never gonna navmesch such a big map". I did and he vanished. The third one told me "an avatar ?? rofl you are dreaming. You'll never be able to make it move or animate him !" I did "water" I did... and then I said fuck off, I'll do it alone.
    I want some guy who have just a bit of faith to resurrect this scfi punk universe. I need someone who played PE back in the day and still have vivid memory about it, like I do. We are far from RCE or whatever, even far from multiplayer. But, every time I launch ANTEVERSE, I take a blast, a blast from the past (in a more graphic way).

    Many things aren't activated on ANTEVERSE, such as AI and all. It work but since there is no inventory nor possibility to use a weapon, it is useless. I have seeded some mobs in idle mode there and there for the example. The doors can be opened with a script older (meaning you have the script in your inventory). I have numerous town to craft, plants to implant... I just need some help to go further. I can but it will take me 10 years :D

    Enough blabla, here is ANTEVERSE. Download the ZIP then unpackage it on your desktop. The two files should always be in the same folder. And PLEASE,give feedback, don't leave me fucking alone with this :D


    Of course I made some allusions about some well known PE players ;) But I let you discover by yourself.
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  2. I 've seen a lot of posts about designing old PE apartments and houses. Jamira somehow managed to get the total mesh out of the program but, we always run into problems. Like Razer I'm a cad man. I worked more than 15 years in building engineering with autocad and/or revit. While it is easy for us to craft any kind of different buildings in those apps, it is very different in gaming. If I take unity as an example (I bought Unity Pro) and if you are not fluent with 3DS, I found that the best way is to build directly you building in unity, directly. It is not designed for and can be a long process. But the major advantage is that you manage all elements and they are perfectly optimized out of the box. This is extremely important when texturing. Some example I've seen over here aren't optimized for that. Your apartment or house is one big block. So yes, you might redesign it all, blocks per blocks, but this is long process. If one of your blocks are wall & windows, then when you apply texture wall and windows will have the same. Hope you get what I mean.

    Then, there is another problem, you'll need imagination. I'm not ok with sucking PE contents, old or new. Unity without building plugins is very very simple so you'll need to adapt geometric forms to obtain something. I take for example the Cardinal Building in the center of my map. It was a 2/3 day process to craft it, not that complicated. The most complicated was future proofing the doors for housing, because housing was for me one important aspect of PE. So I decided to make a working housing before all.

    Here is the process of cardinal building. Of course it is positioned EST/WEST for sun and moonlight then anyone get something almost good looking. I have finished a module to block one person owning more than one apartment inside a given building (you'll not be able to have two deeds of the same building into your inventory). We all know how it ruined PE housing when a group of guys bought entire buildings to speculate.





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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Hmm ... I don't want to drag you down ... but ...
    I think building some landscapes and apartments is not enough. The main goal is to attract potential players and make it interesting and fascinating. Old PE's essence was the living and vibrant community. Apartments have never been a major aspect. Just a nice side action. Not many players in PE had a serious interest in apartments (except me and a few other fools).
    From my experiance it was pretty cool to meet people from all over the world in an online-game at one server. Not a "european" and a "north american" and probably an "asiatic" server.
    I suggest to bring in your knowledge and manpower into Project Ion (http://project-ion.testbuilt.org/). They are online already and need help as far as I can see.
  4. Hey Jamira :) Patience ! All the sever side will be later. Just need to find the correct network engineer and probably recraft some things to be able to work on server side. A server for such universe should not be a personal server but a rented server, if possible high capacity. I'm crafting all aspects so it take time and I have time.

    About Pion ^^ Hmm ... I don't want to drag it down ... but ...

    I was with some others on of the first to play it. I founded a society, Goat killers, and we stressed the "community" over there. We hold the robot ship for month, good loots for month, brought drama and tried to craft some story line. We gift money to jelle, we was very pushing forward to help him, to get rid of dinars (WTF) and weed and cocain ingame (double WTF), we crafted a cave system for him but never answered. Lately I even emailed them about ANTEVERSE because I wanted to GIVE them ANTEVERSE, the whole unity project, for free. No answer.

    Largely edited thread by gestapo teslacoil. The biggest thread of all time in Pion forum.

    Pion is dead because there is no community, because UMA avatars sucks and the game going the wrong way especially at a communication level. This is just sad because there where potential (the system work) but the guys behind aren't artists. I am. PE was über piece of art before all.
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  5. So, the environment first, Jamira. Might had a Chat on server to be able to debug the landscape, but for the avatars in-game will need to wait.

    Tip: If you press "f", you'll fly. f + right crtl you'll fliysprint.
  6. Find the Traitor house !

    Ho yes there is different jump suits and armors:

    forcefield armor 1 (there is 3 variants)

    Mercury armor

    Ignit armor

    + 6 others (quantum, sniper ...)

    Black Jumpsuit, blue (for Mc), orange, green ...

    You actually wearing the desert jump suit and Animal armor.
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Holy shit! Really cool images!

    I understand your intention. At the other hand I have some experiances with Flapman who wanted to establish "Planet Post Moderna" once. I was one of the first members of the PP team. From that point I'm kinda "Bedenkenträger" ;-)
    Keep in mind that it'll be completely impossible to revive old PE or something like PE. That was ten years ago an extraordinary experiance. You can't simply repeat it. But probably there is a way to create the same mood again. I don't know. I wish it would happen. And I can't suggest much to reach that goal. Right now I enjoy to ride slowly through Skyrim again at survival mode (Frostfall, Wet and Cold and so on). I am a user, not a builder. And additional I'm an old lazy bone as well. I'm not a coder but a mechanical engineer. Probably I can help you with some geometry ... dunno.

    I love details
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  8. I know that. This is a psychological glitch I'm aware of. We all lived different adventures inside the original PE and we were younger and it was before the crisis and stupid ingame inflation. I do not remember the studio who crafted PE for mindark, it was Canadian. Someone might remember the name. Anyway, there were a lot of ppl on it with GameBryo engine. I contacted Game Bryo to know if their were the ones who crafted the avatar generator with facial emotes and all. If there is an avatar generator on ANTEVERSE, it should absolutely have facial emotes. If you want to help me it will be time consuming for you so you might be prepared for it. I have a mumble for communication and might transfer you some applications prior to any work. Actually ANTEVERSE max out the possibility of Unity pro engine (vertex). I might also give you the story line. I will need help with Eleusis (my hadesheim). When you look on the map there is no difficulty to see where it will land.

    Actually I'm very much slower with ANTEVERSE because I managed to total my gfx card. Such cards aren't cheap. meanwhile I bought a low end nvidia (50€)... and it work !!! Slowly but it work. I compiled the game with it.
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  9. If some remember Professor Barton, in the old days, let say that Commender McCormick will be the Barton of ANTEVERSE :D
  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Have you tried checking the Unity Asset Store for animations etc? Not sure there's any facial ones, but you can definitely shortcut a whole bunch of others from there. Heck, sell some of them as premium content to users in order to earn back a bit :)
  11. Unity Asset store move too quickly. You have some cool assets but Unity just keep updates and updates (of the engine). Thus, many assets won't work on the latest update and so on. To be honest, Unity is cool but I often think switching engine. It is not an easy decision. UE4 ... too young. Game Bryo ? don't know the prices. It's complicated because all engine have their + and -.

    For avatar and animations I do all of that outside Unity. I have all animations you can dream about with my avatar. Basic and complex ones, melee, gun, rifles, combat position, death, hit, recoil... My avatar is also rigged for facial expressions (all muscles and all). My best way is to craft my own avatar system and for that, I need someone who freakin know what he is doing. For now I will be happy if I can make my avatar swim. I crafted a buoyancy script and it work. Water is very complex in ANTEVERSE to be very realistic, cry engine level (It take also a lot of resources). I have the swim animation, can be triggered with water surface but I'm not skilled enough to figure out how to make it work. I have real ballistic scripts also for the use of any weapon. I own many things and try my best to stitch it together. I'm actually thinking on the GUI.
  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    All I can do is to drop some meshes occasionally to fill up your world with details and items (equipment, buildings, machines). I'm not good with textures. Probably I can deliver pencil concept drawings if you are in need for. Actually I have Autodesk Inventor and 3DS Max only. Usually I work with SolidWorks and Rhino3D. But I don't have valid licenses atm. And As mentioned above I'm an old lazy bone ... a retiree even. I prefer to sit at the loggia at warm summer evenings, drinking whisky or red wine and do nothing but emit sarcastic comments about life, the universe and everything. But we can make a small test if you want.
  13. thanks for letting us beeing part of this project.

    you are one of the 1st true colonists, wise words. Nice guy. I really appreciate your work !
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  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Didn't robots kidnap Professor Barton? And he was never seen again? Uhhh ohhh ... poor McCormick :-(
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  15. Ty Marc :)
    Yea Barton was kidnapped by robots and some parts landed in the Globster DNA and other things ... MA storyline is pretty fucked up. We always had high expectations but MA always manage too crap everything cool.
    I'm actually updating ANTEVERSE, might need a little month. Meanwhile, if someone can provide me a FBX file of a McCormick Statue, untextured, it would be awesome :)
  16. Back then I used 3d ripper to extract "live content" from Entropia.

    I had a McCormick once...somehwere.... :/
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  17. Find it !!!
  18. That was 12 years ago...on 2 pre PCs xD

    Also old videos of mine have gone missing this way... :/
  19. Yea it happen ... Will find an another way !
  20. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Who is Marc?

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