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Another scam day on Mindark's planet, Calypso

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. Another scam day on Mindark's planet, Calypso

    Everytime I have been hunting Drone Elites in the past years, in team or some times alone but with a fapper
    each run was filled of many globals and the feeling of a deserved result for such kind of hard mob.

    Entropia 2021-09-01 23-04-24-11_M.

    Entropia 2021-09-02 01-00-06-49_M.

    2021-09-01 19:02:05 [Globals] [] Mishgunok Mishgun Dimention killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 77 PED!
    2021-09-01 20:20:44 [Globals] [] Mishgunok Mishgun Dimention killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 199 PED!
    2021-09-01 22:32:12 [Globals] [] Harry Hoob Hoobler killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 56 PED!
    2021-09-01 22:44:43 [Globals] [] Harry Hoob Hoobler killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 353 PED!
    2021-09-01 22:59:29 [Society] [Lucky Akbar Sylphe] here are my results 1h drone elite, can call the guiness book ! :
    2021-09-01 22:59:31 [Society] [Lucky Akbar Sylphe] 12 25 7 7 38 13 10 12 8 13 11 11 10 49 15 13 28 6.66 17 26 12 16 12
    2021-09-01 22:59:38 [Society] [Lucky Akbar Sylphe] not 1 global

    2021-09-01 23:34:25 [Globals] [] Harry Hoob Hoobler killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 141 PED!
    2021-09-01 23:42:14 [Globals] [] Harry Hoob Hoobler killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 126 PED!
    2021-09-02 00:13:16 [Globals] [] Harry Hoob Hoobler killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 189 PED!
    2021-09-02 00:38:45 [Globals] [] Living Dead Girl killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 83 PED!
    2021-09-02 00:44:10 [Globals] [] Living Dead Girl killed a creature (Drone Elite) with a value of 452 PED!

    Do not refer to the EL tracker, I had like 40 globals on Greece not recorded on the EL tracker and I was aslo running the application myself, so fuck it.

    Here the only feeling I got is mindark manipulating the loot the way they want and giving loot to who they want, and particulaily to swedish players, this is absolutely disgusting, there is nothing fair in Entropia.
    Please have a look at the peds i'm cycling since last week, since last month, even since the start of this year, no this is just a fucking joke Mr Enrik Nel mindark CEO, you and your dishonnest crew of scammers and your "developpers" implementing exploits and cheats like NEVER WAS before.
    And I continue to see my swedish friends "Joat" and "Rose Dendron Wood" do consequent HOFs at a regular time from people who are not depositing anymore, because why would they need to deposit when mindark is feeding their ped card all the time...

    In the case of "dendron" that's even more particular, because added to the fact he is a swedish player, he joined recently (or should I say was accepted by mindark) the "hidden" mindark society in the game, called "Amethera Demons" where most their members are nammed "DELUXE" which clearly show (and since over 15 years) people who are running the mindark official avatars (just in case mindark thought we did not know) and those players like i name here "Frederik Jedi Deluxe" "BobbySkankinbob Deluxe" (and his full mod shadow that certainly fell in his inventory by magic) and others, are given a really incredible luck by getting globals and HoF all the time and by discovering valuable items extremly often, so after a while HOW CAN MINDARK continue to pretend all players have the same chances, My ASS !

    2021-07-07 09:51:15 [Globals] [] Rose Dendron Wood killed a creature (Eomon Mature) with a value of 3548 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!
    Please mindark check how many Eomons I killed during the "PED migration to swedish players card" and explain me why I dont get at least "A" HoF when certain players are doing HoF after HoF everyday!

    I dream that a day someone could crack and post the entire code of the mindark's game to show and proove that mindark are SINCE DAY ONE HUGELY PRIVILIGIATING the swedish players and CLEARLY STEALING all other players, while they also steal deposits to give to non-depositors in the purpose of fake advertising...

    Seem the swedish authorities are closing the eyes after so many alerts sent to them !
    The Alfred Nobel price have been created for Economic Science,
    YOU mindark should ask a price for the BIGGEST SWEDISH SCAMMERS and probably WORLDWIDE THIEVES in a virtual game stealing and scamming the Earth players, customers and even "Partners".
    Time to get new world records in the Guiness Book for dishonest behaviours and betraying "partners" (hey mate Deathifier).

    To my swedish friends,
    Names removed as per request, and true sorry if I offended someone, this was really not my intention
    Linzey who was a very close friend to me (ooops left the game due to too much evidences to be priviligiated by mindark)...
    Please do a drone elite run for 1h and post your results.
    I bet all my avatar skills (480k even i chipped out 2 times) that none of you get such an incredible shit result as I had.
    Let's see how many uber HoF you will get instead...
    Time to get back peds from honest players beeing systematically robbed by mindark.

    And I give a warm hello to my friend "Name Removed as per request" who had a tower as a non depositor few days after he joined in the game
    without counting tons of huge HOF and full ESI in loots.

    Me I had to send an Email to Marco Behrmann (no answer classic mindark), then an Email to Lyna Larson (blablabla answer classic mindark), then my Friend Ogi Mini directly phoned to mindark so much he could not believe my incredible bad luck after all i deposited, and a week after the phone call i did 3 HoF in 2 days when I never had a single HoF for 7 years, hard to believe mr Enrik Nel dont you think ? But this was in 2011, luck popped up and vanished as fast as it had arrived...
    Avatar created June 28th 2004, VU 5.7

    So many times I dreamt I could come to your office and kick your faces mindark.
    No need to wonder why swedish players are such priviligiated, long time mindark would not exist anymore if swedish people were treated and scammed like we are.
    In the swedidsh tradition...
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2021
  2. So many of many times i had chats with friends who were telling the same same same thing about how is it possible that always the same players are always first there when an event is starting, frederik jedi deluxe, BobbySkankinbob Deluxe, and other players from the "Amethera Demons" society... Simply because those players are running the mindark official avatars, and this is why I posted those screenshots some months ago see on this link.

    Those people are receiving such an incredible luck that the word "suspicious" is so weak that i would not find a word to qualify it...
    If not just, mindark are THIEVES and swedish players are HUGELY advantaged while all other players are ripped off!

    Entropia 2021-09-03 12-17-25-78.

    2020-12-24 13:57:11 [Globals] [] Team "(Shared Loot)" killed a creature (Pulsar The Purveyor) with a value of 19747 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame!
    2020-12-24 13:59:34 [Local] [MindArkOfficial LiveSupport Zeus] Again we do not control loot.

    Pretty funny to read this when it is one of the players i listed above who is running this official avatar with a second computer. But may be you could explain us why the big hit happened before the Arrival of other avatars... And this each time in the years, should I check my archives and post other screenshots ?....
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2021
  3. And the classic blindness of people (when that's not the hypocrisy too afraid of mindark reprisals toward them) make again mindark win...

    Two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity, but i'm not sure about the universe.
    Albert Einstein

    Entropia 2021-09-03 13-10-30-93.

    Funny to see that "Jeannette" is THE player with who i had the most chats about swedish beeing priviligiated and about the fact that amethera demons players are getting an incredible luck in game just as always the ones first in event areas as explained above... when I talk about hypocrisy...
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2021
  4. There classic, everytime that's the same story
    welcome to ScamTropia Universe.
    Get robbed by mindark swedish scammers while they redistribute your money to selected players (swedish)
    SHARED : perfect way to give to who they want without you to know who...
    Classic dishonest people

    Entropia 2021-09-04 23-19-53-12_M.

    [MindArkOfficial LiveSupport Zeus] Again we do not control loot.

  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I wish they'd fix this dark blue text on darker blue background... so hard to read the text for me.

    [Reported it many times and even given them values to fix the code and flagged it to "My" but she doesn't want to talk to players]
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Dunno about others but I think you should

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