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Theryon Wars: Another Planet Partner bites the dust ?

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. We reported a while ago that Next Island seems to be dead in the water, after the entire development team was let go. Since then, no new updates have been seen on Next Island, and its future now seems doomed unless Mr. Post or MindArk manage to find a new owner or investor willing to breathe life back into the tropical island paradise planet.

    EntropiaPlanets also raised some questions about Theryon Wars' future about a year and a half ago. Shortly after, we were assured by Spaniard Blend and MindArk that our fears were unfounded, and that Theryon Wars would proceed as planned. Sadly, we now have reason to believe this will no longer be the case, and we will outline why we think this.

    The above TW article was launched when we noticed an update to the profile of then-COO Jorge Ordaz, showing he no longer worked at Pyxel Arts/Spaniar Blend. Seeing he appeared to be a or perhaps even the driving factor behind the game, we wrongly assumed that this meant the project most likely would not see the light of day. We retracted the story as soon as we were informed otherwise.

    In the meantime, Rafael Espinosa CEO of Pyxel Arts/Spaniard Blend, started a new studio (Fluzo entertainment), and apparently took a number of the Spaniard Blend staff with him to the new studio. We contacted him asking what happened, at which time he shared he sold off Spaniard Blend to his investors.

    The Spaniard Blend website still lists the Theryon Wars title, but the article has not been updated since the original page launched. The theryonwars.com domain which is linked to by the Spaniard Blend website has been let expire. We have tried to secure it but we had no chance against an Asian cybersquatter who is trying to sell it for USD 1,000 now.

    Thus, sadly, it probably is safe to conclude that Theryon Wars is not going to happen. It thus joins the CRD/Dotman project (which got abandoned after the untimely and tragic passing of it' architect), SEE planets and Next Island (which arguably got launched, but is no longer actively developed).

    MindArk Partners in order of announcement:

    Chinese Recreation District (Planet Dotman)
    Creative Kingdom Inc (Planet Cyrene)
    Next Island LLC (Next Island)
    NEVERDIE Studios (ROCKtropia)
    SEE Virtual Worlds (Planet Michael
    SEE Virtual Worlds (Universal Monsters Planet)
    Spaniard Blend (Theryon Wars)

    Arkadia Studios (Planet Arkadia)
    Beladcom (Planet Toulan)

    More info about Theryon Wars

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  2. And that's what we are about to miss:














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  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I was really looking forward to this one too ;(

    Guess its just the Moon and hopefully the Arabian Planet to look forward to now.
  4. Hopefully Toulan doesn't get strike-through its the only thing I look forward to signing in for.
  5. Well I saw it coming but wth man =(
  6. Next Stop: Toulan

    *sarcasm on* Selling Burka TT+350, Buying Koran *sarcasm off*

    What else did you expect ?

    I got no time for any further comments as I am after the SkullCandy Armor on Planet Arkadia...whyever that thing got my attention...man... :S
  7. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Really to bad, after Ordaz left (or got send away maybe, who knows) the project stopped I think. And again I can't help to wonder why, but looking at the images and knowing what they had planned for their planet I can't help to think that a few of the systems they needed for their planet are still not developed by Mindark, like machs, factions, better space.

    So, could the lack in speed in development on MA's side be the downfall of TW ?
  8. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I talked to Ordaz a few times in PM, and everything seemed great.

    I guess it only takes a moment for things to change. I don't think the missing systems had much to do with it, although it probably didn't help. Hopefully someone from there can help fill in the blanks.

    I do hope that this project can be salvaged.
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  9. It is what it is...pretty much a failed experiment from day 1.
    It's actually a wonder that those that survive are still around considering the way MA operate. Not kicking at the PP's...when you sign with MA you get what you get. To bad MA talk a much better deal than they'll ever deliver.
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  10. Well, when i contacted them they wanted to release new info and concept art within 3 month. After that period I contacted them in December 2012 and since then they did not answer anymore.

    Would be interesting what happens with it.
  11. Further interesting is that Theryon Artwork appears on the website of Fluzo but the game is not meantioned there:

    Prolly the rights on the artwork are with Fluzo but the rights for the Planet not?

    Contacted them today again maybe they can tell something.
  12. I miss the ESA Project in the list of the 1st post. (March 2009)


    No need to add the NASA (for now), as Project Whitecard is still working on it.
    (and it probably has (yet) nothing to do with Entropia)

    Still, the mobile app for Entropia Universe was made by Project Whitecard Studios.


    The forum of Starlite is dead. Entries of 2010/2011...but the full product should hit the daylight in 2013...lets SEE if this will fail as well...as MA was already involved into this thing. ;p
  13. Just btw. :

    The artist, Miguel Angel Flores has a (c) 2013 on his site. :O :p


    If you google him, you also get a murderer : :p


    Executed by lethal injection in Texas on November 9, 2000. Just 2 days before MindArk branded their word "mind".

    Cydonia Heavy Industries was created in EVE Online like a year ago and is also a Heavy Metal Band.

    This planet will soon enter my blog.
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  14. Here we go again, blaming MA for the failures of a planet partner..... :sneaky:
    I don't think the problem is lack of gaming system from MA, but probably more a lack of money and interest from the PP to invest in a planet. I believe the relative low player base and lack of real grow of it also are scaring some of the PP to draw down or abandon their plans. And this is the real problem, if the planets can't create their own player base and grow the total population of EU it will never be a succeed.

    That Theryon Wars was an abandon project was pretty much clear to me since half a year ago, I have question marks for Cyrene also, and who knows about Toulon, they are dragging their feet a bit and not much updates from them.

    One thing I have thought about, which PP was it who payed MA to get a bigger share of the revenue sharing? Would be fun to know.
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I can't help but think so... At least a contributing factor. As far as I can tell everything got held up behind the avatar update which makes sense. MA released that and may as well have taken the rest of the year off as far as the players are concerned.

    No system upgrades or major infrastructure updates since...? Was it February? There was just the patch to fix some of the worst avatar bugs) and then they vanished.

    The worst thing is that we are only expecting the chat system upgrade. Sure this important and very much needed but and will probably make a large difference to the usability of the game but it won't allow Cyrene to roll out their mechs for example... something that was definitely a "post avatars" kind of feature.

    I don't know where its all going though... Its really bad we keep loosing game partners. Looking at that concept art the Theyron wars might have been really cool. I'm not saying this is MA's fault. I just feel that it might be at least a contributing factor to external companies dropping PE related projects.

    Maybe this is all untrue. Maybe we are being unfair. I would be nice if someone from MA actually engaged with the players and said something about what goes on. Its a sad state of affairs that no one ever says anything until they are bated into it or there is a massive outcry. eg when JWT said something about avatars and the instance system. T'was a little like God finally spoke..

    It is worrying though when you have built up a sizeable investment in the game over the years. If things for the future look bad it makes me think about downsizing a little and selling off some stuff while I still can. The flop of an MMO like Entropia would be an avalanche once it got going. People wouldn't be able to get their cash out fast enough.

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  16. The lack of major updates since the start of 2013 is probably because of a focus to improve some of the software, and not so much the content of the game. In the annual report MA gives this information

    "Major upgrades have been performed on the Entropia Universe platform infrastructure, the first steps was released in January. These upgrades have resulted in improved server stability and faster development and deployment times for future version updates. While these upgrades will require a few months for full completion, participants can already expect better performance, fewer unexpected server outages, and much shorter VU downtimes. "​

  17. History repeating, I can SEE.
  18. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Improvements of the software are always a good thing, BUT, if in the mean time a PP is waiting for crucial systems to become available for them to develop their planet, you either have your priorities wrong or not enough people available to do both.
  19. Ahhhhhh the fired people...
  20. Reading you posts I'm guessing you really don't know why a lot of the upcoming PP are dragging their feet right? For the most part most, like Cyrene is WAITING for MA to release needed systems. Hell, Cyrene has the mesh items ready to release and even created a live model of one with the developers standing around it. All the while MA is telling them, yes we are working on it. Pets, sorry, Mesh system will be out soon.

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