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Annual Report 2016 - half a million SEK invested into another company

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, May 24, 2017.

  1. http://www.mindark.com/investor-relations/financial-reports/

    Whereever all the "recent partners" dissapeared to...MA found a new one...

    MindArk has invested half a million SEK (51.000 Euro) in the company Manomotion AB. The company was formally founded in June 2015, but the technology that forms the basis for Manomotion's product is the result of several years of research. In brief, the Manomotion technology enables control of any hardware equipped with a camera via hand movements. As Manomotion focuses on 3D games and applications for virtual reality MindArk sees great potential in the cooperation.

    Manomotions "inventions" are still patent pending and you can apply for for a beta SDK only.

    Here is a persian interview...

    Im no longer sure where these so called investments will lead to...but I assure you this will end up at "Content of Oblivion" one day... *yawn*

    Oculus Rift support anyone ? (announced May 2015)
    European Space Education anyone ? (2009)
    Hub Culture, Planet Employabilty or Empaticus anyone ? (dead since 2015)

    Next Island
    Next Island has also been developing "Next Island Mobile" during 2016, a "mini" mobile version of the Next Island MMO that will improve player acquisition and retention, with an expected launch in mid-2017.

    When you thought the mini version will have nothing to do with Entropia anymore, as officially stated by David Post...but hey, nice fill-in for the financial report...


    During the year the company acquired fixed assets of 0.5 million SEK and capitalized development costs for the amount 4.3 million SEK for ComPet Game.

    compet bluescreen.


    MindArk continues to increase the number of active users in the Entropia Universe by improving the conversion of created accounts to active players and this with a smaller budget than in 2016 for Entropia Universe. Furthermore, the company plans to market ComPet
    Game intensively, with a goal of reaching as quickly as possible a similar number of users as Entropia Universe. In the budget, this goal is funded partly by the recently-completed new share issue and partly by cash flow from ComPet Game. The company also continues to position Entropia Platform as a useful component for virtual reality applications.

    Intensively ≠ MindArk...and cashflow from Compet game ? Jesus Christ, its deed payout time !!!!1111 :O

    always open closed.

    In the end, the same announcements about marketing and "we strive to ensure" stuff as always. Are they in safemode now ?

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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wow that means.... nothing...

    Interesting that the horse video appears to be low quality replication of ancient greece from the NI we know in Entropia.

    Ride your Atro... Horse off into the sunset! :D
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Including the horse getting stuck into the table :D
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  4. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    Not exactly a positive. but it scraped by

    That's means inventory is 1.6 times the yearly sales?? I wonder if they pay taxes on that

    other questions.
    •What percentage of sales are from plant partners who still pay in?
    •Interest profit are 2M SEk for the year. That is a lot of interest in this world we live in. And note that its almost half their profit for the year. And later down the report we find out that that is how much money they made from people leaving. "Exchange difference player debt 2184352"
    •Intangible assets: Planet Calypso Forum 113k SEK Since when is a forum an asset and how is it worth money? Oh cause they are writing it off since they bought pcf in 2015. its has no value except for its use of a writeoff.
    •Sweden gave them 1./8M SEk for "Development of a social VR experience compatible with a mobile device"
    •They are still paying for compet every year. So they made some kind of deal and it was to pay over years. so far they spent 12M SEK for compet and can only writeoff .7M a year for it. So its a major loss leader.
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