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Discussion in 'MindArk' started by Fan_boy99, Sep 15, 2018.

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    There IS a genuine reason I ask this question and the only ''info'' people are here on this forum.

    Let me 1st start at the beginning. I read once a thread that some1 replied to some1 else saying something like ''so why are YOU allowed an alt account''. This got me curious.

    I know I can name names. But let me ask YOU people first. Apart from Official MA employees, Planet partners. Are 'normal' players allowed within the EULA a deliberate alt account (hunting)?

    I will name the name but I am not 100% sure it IS against the EULA?
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    Only ONE account is allowed regarding EULA. But MindArk allowed some special players to make another account. NEVERDIE to name one. But standard is still only one account. Tbh my wife and I often used the account of each other. But it were two accounts of two persons.
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    Pilots were using alts (whether with approval or not, I don't know). As were bank managers. As mentioned, NEVERDIE.

    Then there's cases where entire avatars were sold off with permission from MindArk. Flerin neomaven Flerinson (aka 711, aka Jason Peterson) bought Divine Vixen Incarnate (earning him the nickname Neovixen. I'm not sure it still is, but that used to be a banned word on PCF. Apparently certain things are not supposed to be known or something).

    Planet partners and MA officials who formerly were players are supposed to stop using their original account. As in: The account will be locked, and prohibited from playing as long as that person acts as an official in any way, shape, or form. In return, they will receive an official avatar. In the past, these official avatars were unable to withdraw, loot or otherwise gain PEDs. Marco used to carry around a gun that was able to 1-shot most (any?) mobs, and was pretty much running around in God-mode.

    MindStar did a piece on official avatars on EP quite some time ago.

    Apart from this, most officials would be encouraged to create a "regular" by anonymous avatar, for testing purposes. Most MA staff apparently also have avatars. I cannot remember the name for it, but at some point it was discovered that Jan Welter Timkranss's avatar was in one of the top socs at the time.
  4. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Thanks for replies. What I will ask is not an insult/accusation/enemy making to any1 ok. I want to ask why is this player allowed 2 accounts (and she does - she IS active on both). She DOES have a good twitch. THis is not anything bad to any1. As far as I know she is not a Planet Partner nor a Mindark Official. So special rules for hot ladies?. Both accounts are ''active'' and proof on screenshot lol.

    Reason I am asking this is (its beyond doubt as proof here now) that 1 can 100% use 2 accounts? so a friend of mine a big Youtuber might want to do the same?.

    Sexy hot lady anyway ;).

    If I am wrong (how can I be? both accounts ARE active) a simple Entroplia life check can tell you that then I apologise.

    Anyway. How can I officially be allowed to use 2 accounts and NOT be a PP or MA official :) ;)

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  5. Its ahe simple ahhee ahhheeccount sharing...kthxbye ;D
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    You can always file a support ticket and ask MindArk. In the worst case scenario, they'll say no.
  7. Some time ago, because Mindstar now operates a different avatar.

    Infamous serenity was a member of my society, and a beginner. Now, a year later he is very skilled. Those avatars are not the same person, but she plays on his account.
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    Yeah, the piece was more to give an impression of the official rules and terms regarding the alt accounts for players-turned-officials. Lykke had to do the same thing when she started working for Cyrene.
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  9. oh, alts... been a looong history of this issue with entropia... I used to give a damn, much like it sounds like you do, but over time, you see it happen again and again, so you finally are like, what the hell, who cares... nothing I can do about it... support tickets usually aren't responded to, and even if they are, they don't care...

    MS9 is now DME (Dark Moon Enigma, the individual that probably takes up most space in monria chat channel) and Monria Fleet Manager, the pilot on the mothership that takes Monrian folks all over the place on the weekends, at least part of the time (fleet manager is a shared avatar that at least 3 or 4 folks in Monria's upper management and shared society share if I read correctly on that issue, not that that's creating any economic advantage for that particular mother ship and crew, or so support ticket response tells me essentially...). (p.s. if you ever get on monria's mothership guest list, and are not actually an estate owner on monria, be sure you prepay for every flight and never log out when on board the mothership, even if accidentally because you have to deal with a toddler in real life, as I did, or else they'll kcik you off of the mothership guest list, and ban you from monria forum with a nasty ass message about it in less than 5 minutes after that, as happened to me, with no real way to respond at all or undo that or even give them back payment... they'll just move your avatar in to space to die and make you out to be a monster at the drop of a hat... yeah, nice community that monria is... )
  10. Must be the oldest toddler on planet earth...
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