Akoz wants his money back ! :'D

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. In short:

    MindArk kept changing landscapes of LA owners, often with buried terminals/fertilizers and buildings.
    Happens since around VU 8.11 (march 2007)...11 years...

    Usually MindArk wouldnt communicate...and left those areas f*cked for many, many moons.
    For example 4 months for "Lee Zhorgul Salmon" :


    Lee Zhorgul Salmon LS 4 months.jpg

    But lets go on :
    I think you all know longtime player qeteshahheeee akoz...

    He already complained about it in 2009:

    ako qetesh la 2007.jpg

    In 2018 he simply wants his money back:(means hes truly pissed)

    akoz money back la 2018.jpg

    After the monria incident, this fancy (and unwanted) terrain update, finally made akoz post his true thoughts...once again.

    No matter how many fellow patrons/investors/gamblers laugh at Akoz now (because he cashed out 10-20 times his deposits), it only shows how MindArk is caring...and how twisted our community can get at times...because it is all about the money, isnt it ? -_-
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Reminds me of a conversation I had with my dad once about Entropia. He asked, "but people would be at the mercy of the developer. What would there be to stop them say having an earthquake destroy something?" at the time I answered, "it wouldn't be in their interests to mess things up for their investors because they want the investments to succeed to encourage others to invest and prove the stability of the platform as a solid investment opportunity".

    or something like that anyhow...

    boy was I wrong!
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  3. Well, they invested. MA got the money.

    A little devaluing here and there, will bring in new "investors", who think "Hey, thats cheap!" while someone else was just happy to get rid of it... x'D

    Get the hint ;)
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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Holy shit, the ignorance in that thread.

    While those changes made by MA won't explain the whole story, what's disturbing is that MA once again actively fucks shit up, and then refuses to do anything about it. It's VU10 all over again. Lykke and I had a shop prior to the VU, which we paid a premium for, because it was very conveniently located close to the TP.

    Post-VU, it was so hidden we ended up abandoning it, because MA simply refused to do anything about it. When a bunch of assholes in Sweden can change the value of your investment on a whim, and then refuse to compensate you for it, that's a reason not to invest.

    Apparently this is exactly what MA hoped for, because the trend in their sales shows a steep decline in the value players are willing to assign to virtual land, statues (that have yet to arrive). And then MA wonders why nobody buys anymore, because lordie lord, do they need money. But if virtual land doesn't sell anymore (there's also too much of it, which further drives down the prices, but MA doesn't care, because it's not their money, anyway), then what?

    How about a mobile game? Players can invest in that, and MA can keep the lights on a bit longer, and surely that will be a gigantic success, and MA will roll around in money and stuff. But then that money is gone, and there's fuck all to show for it. So let's do an ICO! ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! The future is bright, and we can totally do it, because once NASA replied to a mail we sent them in 2008, and WE ARE THE GODS OF GAMING! Wait, what? Less than 100k raised? And the Arkadia moon hasn't sold yet either?

    But hey, on PCF, let's rip into Akoz because he dared to complain that MA unilaterally drastically changed the value of his property. Fuck those selfish assholes. They're too fucking dumb to see that by trying to defend MAs actions with Akoz's lands, they're actively allowing MA a pass to nerf shit they themselves own.

    First MindArk screwed over the hanger owners, but I did not speak out, because I did not own a hangar. Then MA screwed over the Land owners, but I did not speak out, because I didn't own any land.

    Besides, it's not like they'd ever do that to something _I_ would own, right? It's not as if they'd nerf axes (oh wait), whips (oh wait), tailoring skills, taming skills, scanning skills, beautician skills, or markup on loot by creating a new BP and components for it that can be bought from the TT, right?
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  5. Same kind of process with MA fails, like the Medusa complex which was not sold as expected after a bid war.
    So mindark made all players pay by stealing skill gains every day for a full year.
    And to make sure it happens often, we had many "lost connections" everyday too, meaning even more money wasted from lost skills.

    I remember mindark's support answers saying "you will gain the lost skills next time you play"
    Yeah, the top of the hypocrisy and scammer behaviour.
    Would be fun if someone could post their support reply from this.

    There are certainly more accurate threads about this, but i dont have access to pcf, fuck them.


    In the swedish tradition of stealing people...
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  6. Btw, I'm sad for most LA owners, i guess they are quite all dieing today.

    Mindark made sure that you can find herds of everything on calypso, just to make sure noone ever visit LAs anymore.
    Remember there was no Universe when LAs were created, only Eudoria and Amethera.
    Plus Crystal Palace which was in a real virtual space area, more like would be an instance today.
    Yeah, go buy LAs teleporters and facilities for a fortune...

    Too much pockets to fill up today, too much people to pay, so the massacre started...

    Bye Bye Next Island, RT divided by 2, cyrene same, Toulan Still alive we never hear...
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm not convinced they're stealing. I'd more blame it on them being utterly incompetent. If you were managed by people as useless as Timkrans and Simmonds, and you were competent, would YOU stay? I sure as fuck would get the hell out of there as fast as I could, because for someone competent, there's surely better opportunities around.

    And apart from incompetence, there's also a clear lack of care. If QA gave a fuck, they'd find and solve more bugs. If the developers gave a fuck, they'd do better. If the balancing manager gave a fuck, there'd actually be a balance, rather than an ever-sliding scale. If marketing gave a fuck, perhaps the game would see some increased activity. If the writers gave a fuck, perhaps they'd come up with something other than the so-manieth dumb-ass wave event, mayhem, or a celebration event where you have to buy your own presents.
    If HR gave a fuck, they'd hire better people. If support gave a fuck, they'd try and help people, rather than copy/pasting the same non-helpful answers. If management gave a fuck, they'd quit.
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  8. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yes, I remember well that Akoz/Qtesh won Medusa's Head for a really unexpected low price. I paid him $500 for my former apartment at Medusa's Head. It was bugged for two years, fixed and bugged again. I sold it during my cash out in 2014. Last time I visited it, ~1 year ago, it was really heavy bugged again. All in all I had some fun there. But this doesn't outweigh all the mess MA burdened to us paying players. And again: IT WILL NOT END!
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  9. To me it defenitely felt, like you were far, far away from Calypso...sometimes you even were all alone up there...but it was great ! :'D
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  10. I feel the same, and this is corroborated by them screwing up untaxed areas (e.g. Isle of Troy) as well. Sometimes it seems like there is a special intern who must be kept busy, or a special needs intern, or a special special needs intern, and for some reason they have to release all the stuff that person makes. (starting with UI "tweaks" a couple years ago)

    Or maybe this is too harsh, it could simply be that the designer has never tried playing themselves.
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    And when they came for the Gold Card and the Camera....


    ... ok at least I did speak out and even do a small attempt at a protest http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...f-your-Gold-Card-if-you-want-to-keep-using-it! I was pleased that one of the people who went to visit MA recently also read my post about the real issues with the camera (as opposed to whatever it was that made MA think they needed to radically remo... sorry "redesign" it).

    Actually to be fair, I'd say I have a reasonable history of (possibly) getting MA to do things (or in my deluded way - I like to think I can take some small credit). But there are examples of things where my support cases have fallen on deaf ears. Trouble is, when it comes to stuff like loot and nerfs, these are not things I feel I can comment on much first hand.

    That said. If I HAD brought one of those cute little underground wooden shops in Thorkel's Tomb... well lets just say my protestations would have been slightly more tangible than mere support cases and threads on forums...

    ... there would have been.... "Christmas presents"...

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  12. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    'T was the night before Christmas and in Goteborg
    The landscape artist went missing, eventually turning up in the morgue.
    The coroner was shocked, to his assistant said he:
    "It's on backwards, this is not how a head is supposed to be!".

    Meanwhile at MA HQ, a package had been brought.
    A gagging support rep called out all distraught:
    "It's cat droppings, sent by some witch.
    It even has a little note that says "Christmas presents... bitch".
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  13. wrong thread xD
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Not "quite" that dark admin - I'm not a maniac! :D
  15. Entropia 2018-12-10 13-47-20-67.jpg

    This LA was flat and a real pleasure to play before, now with all those fucking hills that's total hassle.
    So mindark ask people to invest in buying Land Areas, and after they completly ruin your investment by creating hills.

    Volontarily add those hills in the real purpose to change the LA face is clearly a scam behaviour.
    Easy to understand Akoz frustration when he SEEs his LA completly ruined by MA, and he can do nothing against.
    Why do you writte rules, if you the first are never respecting them....
    Why do look for partners if you fuck them up after...

    There is really no police in sweden ?
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  16. I must react to this incredible level of hypocrisy and LIES comming from mindark who deliberately ruined Akoz LA by changing the face of his Land Area, and now they pretend they did no modification. See on PCF post #68

    I did this video on Akoz Land in November 2014, so we can say 4 YEARS AGO
    And his land is FLAT, and there is not 1 fucking hill like now there are everywhere.
    Showing and PROOVING that mindark are LIARS.

    You can use this video Akoz, in case mindark continue to pretend they changed nothing on the land of your LA...


    "We can confirm"... funny how mindark are all the time affirming things even all of us have the proof they are big liars...
    (and one more) Biggest joke ever mindark "there has been no changes made to your LA".
    Just like when they affirmed they never modified my ingame informations until i gave them the proof they did many times in the past, and to many people...
    You clearly suffer of HIGH lack of memory mindark, particularily when people show your really low behaviours...
    Damn, there is no police in sweden ?????

    In the swedish tradition to be fucking liars in the purpose to scam their investing "partners" !...
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  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Continue the dialogue: ask them how they explain the video then?

    If they still claim no change, ask if they would say the same thing if you dumped a pile of rubble in front of their HQ.
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  19. *a friendly reminder*
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