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Ak Outstanding Ressource Gatherer L 66

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. - Outstanding Ressource Gatherer -
    Level 66

    2018-08-15_L 66 RG M.
    2018-08-15_L 66 RG All Skills.
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  2. - Exceptional Gardener -
    Level 51

    Entropia 2018-08-10 Eceptional Gardener.
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Is this gained just via resource gathering? or are you actually the proud owner of a land plot and regularly do the gardening thing?
  4. Skilling resource gathering helps getting skills in the Gardener profession,
    since there is NO specific gardener skill.

    EDIT :
    And no, I dont have a plot, which also seem to be a dead investment fast released totally useless feature.
    Welcome to Mindark's products, in the swedish tradition of blablabla.
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  5. Congrats akbar!
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  6. Gratz Akbar on both professions.
    I like useless professions like scanning, decoying, tier upgrading and a lot more.
    Each of them was like food for my imagination and hope that there will be more behind it.
    But sadly MA is.. well is MA, hard to find more bad word for them
    Just for info, ofc is old as I don't play for a long time by now.
    Brez naslova. Brez naslova1.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
  7. Gratz for your Ressource Gatherer profession.
    How much skills you have in RG ? and where is your favourite tree skilling area ?

    - -

    In old times, I have been scanning robots and animals a lot, saddly for me few months after I joined this game, Mindark locked my account for no reason and completly ruined my game with FAULSE accusations and cursed my avatar, making me impossible to hof and terribly unlucky (Fuck you Rimmer and your affiliates, family of scammers).
    I gave them the proof of my honnesty, but they clearly did not care... all ways to get free $$$ at MA are welcomed, and I was certainly not the first.... and after you see 1 day noob get 9k ped hof.... when me nothing in 15 years with all i depo'd.
    I should send all proof I accumulated in 15 years to mr Dan Hunter, he will love my story i'm sure.
    I would have continued scanning and playing, but the mood was really lower so much i was feeling beeing deliberately ripped off. (the swedish tradition of beeing thieves and big liars).

    People were shitting on other players scanning a lot saying it was just to rise their total skills, I must honnestly tell you Dan, that I always enjoyed scanning and I would have done as much as you like you did.

    Now people pm me asking me to chip out my skills and sell them...
    But I don't sell.
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  8. Entropia 2019-09-20 10-53-47-19.
    A friend needed my stats...
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